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Parent Involvement

No description

Allegra Pickering

on 8 February 2018

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Transcript of Parent Involvement

Fall Open House
Before School Starts

Getting Parents Involved
When Concerns Arise
The First Six Weeks

Look at resources in your school
~School Counselor, Special Educator, Specials Teacher, Lead Teacher, School Principal etc.

Phone Calls or meetings in person (Sandwiching)

Open Communication

Have a library of resources available to parents
Invite local speakers to your classroom

Adopt a Business

Kindness Cookies

Thank you notes to local Fire or Police Station

Visit local community helpers

Keeping Progress Throughout The Year
Class Dojo

Parent Involvement...
I. Getting off to a good start
II. The first six weeks
III.Keeping progress throughout the year
VI. Scenarios and Questions
VII.Building Rapport
VIII. Try it on your own! Break out!
Goal Setting
"Goal for your your child"
"Special Note for the First Day of School"
Phone calls
Classroom Newsletter
Scenario 1
Scenario 2
Scenario 3
Have ALL resources available.

Model expectations in Class

Tour of classroom
You have some academic concerns with Child F. Parent Teacher conferences have come and gone and Child F's parents have not showed up despite multiple efforts to get them there. What do you do?

2 minutes
Parent A comes in every morning like clockwork. The students have already come into the classroom. She asks to speak to you claiming it will only take a minute which always leads to more. By the third day it is clear that this behavior is going to continue.
What would you do?

2 minutes
You get an email one morning from Parent B about a concern about another student in your class not being nice to their child at recess for the past few weeks.
What would you do?

2 minutes
Parent Pop ins!
Monthly 60 minute opportunities for parents to see how the day works!
Parent Pop ins
Special Events
~Bingo for Books
~Mommy Spa Day
~Reader's Theater
~School Picnic
~Guest Readers
~Literacy Bags

Adopt a Business

Kindness Cookies
Guest Speakers
Welcome Bags
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