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Safety Plans

LCSD Safety Procedures and Plans

Lori Knudson

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Safety Plans

Search and Rescue Command and Control Trauma and Medical Student Release Center/Attendance Student/Staff Shelter
(work with Shelter Operations) Welcome LCSD Emergency
Preparations Shelter Operations
(work with Student/Staff Shelter) Damage Assessment/Security Public Information General Information Evacuation of the school building will be ordered by the Principal. Teachers will ensure that all students have left the classroom by the designated routes. Teachers will take emergency supplies and class roll sheets. Students and staff will assemble at designated area and roll will be taken by teachers. Attendance will be reported to Attendance Personnel. Evacuation Teachers in adjacent rooms have responsibility for each other. If one teacher must remain with injured students or must assume other disaster responsibilities, the other teacher will evacuate and supervise both classes of students. Teacher Buddy System Any student or staff with physical or mental disabilities which could pose difficulties in an emergency situation will have a staff member assigned to assist them during evacuation and throughout any emergency. Disabilities Any necessary search and rescue will be performed by a team of at least two people. Rescue will not be attempted if hazardous conditions exist (e.g. live electrical wires). Search and Rescue Communications Telephones will be used ONLY to report emergency medical conditions or to request emergency assistance. Walkie-talkies will be used for intra- and inter-building communications. Runners may be assigned to convey information between buildings/outside groups.

ALL MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS WILL BE CONDUCTED PRIMARILY BY THE SUPERINTENDENT AND SECONDARILY BY THE BUILDING PRINCIPAL Student Release Shelter The school will only be able to shelter students for a limited time. In the event that shelter must be provided on site, but outside of the building, temporary shelter will be constructed by staff. If long-term shelter is required, the District Office will notify the Red Cross which will provide additional shelter, staff, and supplies. In the event that the school site is ordered to be immediately evacuated by the Principal, District Office, or public safety officials, students and staff will wait for buses at the designated pickup locations, or will proceed on foot to a location designated at the time. Student release procedures will occur at this new location. In the event of an advised evacuation by District Office, public safety officials, or whenever a condition exists that warrants such action, student release will occur on site.In both cases, students must be picked-up and signed out by a parent or authorized representative of the parent. Students will be released from the designated shelter area to Student Release Center only. Students may not be released directly from shelter area to parents. Students who are not picked-up will be kept at the school or the school designated shelter. Parents and community will be notified by radio or television announcements and telephone contact when possible. Staff will be released home as determined by the superintendent or designee. TEAM
Lori Knudson (radio)
Ann Van Pelt (radio)
Shegay Vanderpool (radio---when available)
Marsha Hansen
Patrick Lukasik (radio)
Juli Olson (radio)
Marsha Hanson (radio)
Sally Schroeder
Linda Pierson
Sally Johnston (assist with attendance)
Inside School: Main Office
Outside School: East field beside fenced baseball field and student release
Inside School: Main Office
Outside School: West Field
Inside School: Main Office
Outside School: Football Field FUNCTIONS
1. Orders evacuation from school building and/or school site as deemed appropriate.
2. Collects, analyzes and reports information concerning students and staff who are injured or unaccounted for, facilities damage, and procedural modifications.
3. Determines the need for and REQUESTS outside assistance/support services.
4. Principal meets and apprises emergency personnel at front of building.
5. Maintains communication with Trauma, Student Release Centers, and Shelter Operations.
6. Provide status reports to the District Office as indicated.
7. Reports site evacuation and student release action to the District Office as possible
8. Contacts victim families and consultants for support services TEAM
Keith Hunter/Judy Zimmerman (radio)
Eric Adam (when available)
Patrick Lukasik (when available)
Tracy Crosbie/James Fegel (radio)
Scott Novak/Vince Cicotte (radio)
Gail Waters(radio)
Ben Hazelwood (radio)
Bob Plank
Melanie Graham LOCATIONS
1. Locate unaccounted for students and staff on school grounds by communicatingwith teachers/staff.
2. Work in pairs to assess possibility of re-entry; do not separate in the event of a re-entry.
3. Assess scope of trauma
4. Communicate with Trauma/Medical for assistance.
5. Communicate with attendance. TEAM
School Nurse (when available)
Lisa Hedlund (radio)
Kerry Salaz
Veronica Thurmond (radio)
Scott McDade
Jill Rohrs
School Nurse (when available)
Julie Johnson (when available)
Maggie - School Nurse (when available)
Ryan Hiller
Steve DeLeon (radio)
Theresa James
Jacques Bruinsholz LOCATIONS
Inside School: Staff Room
Outside School: Fenced in Baseball Field (dug out area) (Use covered area if NOT damaged)
Inside School: Choir Room
Outside School: West Field
Inside School: Science Room/Auman’s will be health room
Outside School: Medical area on field FUNCTIONS
1.Assess injuries and provide first-aid treatment, as appropriate
2.Determine the need for skilled medical assistance.
3.Establish priorities for transportation of injured to hospitals when transportation is available.
4.Ensure that students who are moved for further medical care are tagged with their name, address, and pertinent medical information.
5.Communicate names and conditions of students to Attendance and Student Release Center. TEAM
Susanne Bruland (radio)
Mary Hendren
Emily Kenote
Ann Van Pelt (when available)
Pat Clothier
Brian Fraser (when available)
Juli Olson (when available)
Suzanne Marble (when available)
Sally Johnston
Jan Auman
Lisa James
Linda Pierson (Radio) LOCATIONS
Inside: Art Room/Front Entrance and designated classrooms
Outside: East field at gate of fenced baseball field
Inside: Gym Commons
Outside: West Field at end of south fence
Inside: Commons Area
Outside: Table on field FUNCTIONS
1. Account for all students and staff
2. Release students to parents or authorized person indicated on student registration form
3. Complete and maintain student release logs
4. Contact teachers/shelter operations for students being released Agenda Welcome
Sharing of Building Plans
Thoughts for the Future Bruce Kuennen Offers courses providing detailed instruction for the maintenance of current information, images, and reporting requirements in the Rapid Responder system.

Teaches data administrators how to create and modify the information available to facility personnel and first responders when planning for or responding to an emergency.

Working with La Conner Detachment of Skagit County Sheriffs, Swinomish Police, La Conner Fire Department, Fire District 13 and other county and state agencies that would aid us in responding to an emergency. TEAM
Lisa Thomas (Radio)
Rosa Matson
Patty Weber
Dorothy Elsner
Tribal Aides
Wayne Johnston (radio)
Linda Sovie
Georgia Johnson
Almeida Giles
Megan Lisser
Sally Schroeder (when available) LOCATIONS
Inside: Gym
Outside: East field in fenced baseball field dugout
Inside: Gym
Outside: West Field along south fence.
Inside: Gym
Outside: Bleachers FUNCTIONS
1. Construct temporary tarp shelter if necessary.
2. Determine what additional supplies are needed.
3. Contact neighboring merchants/residents in assisting with additional supplies and shelter as able.
4. Assist Shelter Operations as needed.
5. Assess supplies of food, water, blankets, etc.
6. Provide for distribution of supplies to students as appropriate.
7. Provide for procedure for restroom use.
8. Provide for procedure for transferring students to Student Release Center.
9. Communicate with Student Release Center, Trauma, and Command Center TEAM
Peggy Swapp (radio)
Sue Abrahamse
Brian Masonholder (when available)
Vince Cicotte
James Fegel
Scott Novak
Tracy Crosbie
Mike Carrigan
Brian Masonholder
Sandy Rowland LOCATIONS
1. Conduct a systematic survey of all buildings and grounds for non-structuraldamage.
2. Extinguish small fires.
3. Survey damage to utility systems and shut down main power and water main as needed.
4. Secure access to school site for emergency vehicles.
5. Secure school building against unauthorized re-entry and post where hazardous conditions exist.
6. Determine and secure off-site evacuation routes.
7. Assist with control/protocol at Student Release Center. TEAM
Cammy Alumbres,
Becky Swanson
Sarah Bailey (radio)
Suzann Keith (radio)
Tiffanee Brown
Wayne Johnston (radio)
Linda Sovie
Georgia Johnson
Almeda Giles
Megan Lisser
Sally Schroeder (when available) LOCATIONS
Inside: Gym
Outside: East field in fenced baseball field dugout
(Use Covered Area if NOT damaged)
Inside: Gym
Outside: West Field along south fence.
Inside: Gym
Outside: Bleachers FUNCTIONS
1. Assess supplies of food, water, blankets, etc.
2. Provide for distribution of supplies to students as appropriate.
3. Provide for procedure for restroom use.
4. Provide for procedure for transferring students to Student Release Center.
5. Communicate with Student Release Center, Trauma, and Command Center as needed TEAM
Tim Bruce
Peg Seeling
Marsha Hanson
Lori Knudson LOCATIONS
Command Post Location FUNCTIONS
1. In absence of District assistance, serves as primary and sole source of information regarding event.
2. Responds to requests for information from the media.
3. Reports and/or releases information concerning the status of students, staff, and school facilities.
4. Develops statements for release by school personnel. District Office Personnel District office personnel will oversee and perform the following functions:
Assist in building communications and safety
Communicate with co-op preschool, YMCA preschool, Boys' and Girls' Club, Best Place and other on-campus groups
Perform all public communications
Attend to traffic control and safety, etc. Manager, Tactical Operations Support
Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs Questions/Ideas Thoughts for the future
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