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A school project on states, Michigan is this Prezi. Enjoy!

Isabella Rueda

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Michigan

By : Isabella Rueda
Hola! Today I am going to be presenting and maybe teaching you a thing or two , about Michigan. Vamos a Explorar!
History of Michigan *
State landmarks ( also popular attractions)
The Makinack Bridge
Miners Castle
Labor Legacy

State bird, Flower and Tree
American Robin
Apple Blossom
Pinus Strobus
Some of Michigan's Attractions *
Ford Field
The Henry Ford
Fisher Building
Lansing, the capital *
Here are some quick facts
The Lansing Lugnuts , is the baseball team for Lansing
The Potter Park Zoo belongs in Lansing
At the
Michigan State University Dairy Complex
you can learn how to make cheese and ice Cream
Lansing is a city and town
A video of how
s music sounds like *
Images of Lansing , MI
Important Crops *
Ottawa Tribe
Potawatomi Tribe
People from France
Discover Michigan
French and Indian War in 1763
The British take
control of Michigan
Became part of the
Northwest territory of the U.S.
Michigan became its own territory like it is now. It became a state on January 26, 1837
Michigan Stamp
State License Plate
Michigan Flag
Michigan *
Michigan Stamp
Two Major Industries
Car Manufacturing
Car manufacturing, because Michigan is top in auto production.
There are lots of places to visit in Michigan.
Ann Arbor
Grand Rapids
Traverse City
Great Lakes Bay Region
A Video
Thank You!
Hope You Enjoyed This Presentation!
Interesting Facts (fun facts)
The name Michigan is derived from the indian words "Michi-gama" meaning large lake
The Detroit zoo was the first zoo in America to feature cageless , open-exibits that allowed the animals more freedom to roam
Michigan has the longest freshwater shoreline in the world
Michigan has 116 lighthouses and 116 navigational lights
Tribes 1
Ojibwe Tribe
Can you find the
Michigan hidden?

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