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Devices Used to Measure Speed in Sports

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Julian Dutton

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Devices Used to Measure Speed in Sports

Devices Used to Measure Speed in Sports
Radar Guns in Sports
Radar guns are the most frequently used method to measure speed in sports. Their use applies to the speed of pitched baseballs, tennis serves, runners, etc...
Structure - How does it work
Radar guns use the Doppler effect to measure the speed of moving objects. The gun sends out a radio signal which hits the object, and then bounces back towards the gun. The gun then receives the same signal back. The signal that is received is different then the initial signal. This difference allows the radar gun to then calculate the speed of the object.
Impacts on Society

A radar gun is used to measure speed (velocity) of moving objects. Since sports involve movement, they are very useful.
Function - What does it do?
The speed (velocity) is determined by the following equation:
V= Change in F c
____________ __
F 2
Radar guns have made professional sports much more competitive. In many sports speed is key, and people are always striving to beat records. This applies to baseball, track and field, tennis, and more. They have also made record keeping much easier and more accurate. Lastly, sports like baseball generate lots of money, and teams know exactly what players they want based on the players records. This has an impact on the economy because money is spent trading players.
Impacts on the Environment
Radar guns are constructed mainly out of plastic and metal. They also contain circuit systems that are used in their operation, and radio transmitters/receivers. Most of these materials are not sustainable, therefore they have a negative affect on the environment. The plastics in the device may be recycled, but most of it is likely sent to landfills. They also run on batteries, which themselves are not good for the environment. However, the use of a radar gun does not pose any direct threat to the environment.
In this equation, c is the speed of light, f is the emitted frequency of the radio waves, and the change in f is the difference between the emitted radio waves, and the ones recieved back by the gun.
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