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No description

Colin Liang

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of America

Course name: ESL EO
Teacher's name: Colin Liang
Project type: Book review essay(rough draft)
BY E.R Frank
The book I read is called America. It's about a fifteen year old biracial boy who is lost in the system. The author of the novel is E.R Frank, she is a social worker. This book is a work of fiction.

E.R Frank used flashbacks in the story. My first evaluation for this book is that I was confused. I did not understand what is going on in the
beginning and I had no idea why the main character America was so messed up.

The plot of the story is that a boy called America was given up by his own mother who was addicted to drugs. She gave him up and sent him to a rich white family. His skin began to darken when he was five years old then this family decided to give him away because they do not want to go against society and they want to maintain their status in the white society.

Ms. Harper adopts America and he lives with her and her son Browning. Browning does not like America, so he tells him to do something bad to make Ms. Harper throw him out. He goes back to his own mother’s rough house and his mother is gone, so he lives with Brooklyn and Lyle.

Brooklyn does many bad things. He teaches America how to steal things and he becomes a punk. He goes back to Ms Harper’s house again. Browning badly influenced America. He teaches him to read porn magazines and he harasses him sexually. America gets angry at Browning, and then burns him while he is sleeping. America goes to court and they send him to a school called Applegate then to Ridgeway Hospital and he meets Dr.B and his life gets well under the doctor’s help.
   This conflict is character vs society. America gets annoyed easily. He is introverted. He doesn't like to talk with other boys or play game with them.
Plot Summary
Character Description
  America is a thin, biracial child. His skin is the color of coffee.
America is easy to annoy and he gets angry easily. American is easy to boss around. For example, Brooklyn lures America to steal thing. America does it even though he knows it is bad.
  The reason why the author wrote this book is because she is trying to send us a message telling that there is racism in our society and it affects our society badly. Racism can badly effect and harm teenager’s growth.

This book is important because teenagers could learn to love
themselves and find “who you are.” After I read this book, I realized that life is complicated and many people live frustrated in their life and it is fortunate for me to live in a harmonic family.
  The strength of the novel “America” is that it tells that underdog also can find themselves if they willing to. America changed himself after Ms. Harper and Dr.B assisted him. The story also tells that there are some people would give you a hand in your life, nobody is definitely alone, as America said “I’m not bad, not bad at all (p. 203).” The weakness of the story is there are some nasty words and ugly thoughts in the story, for example, when Browning want to have sex with America.
I will recommend this book for a friend, because “America” is a book that reflects our society. My friend would learn about hate and love. I think teenagers between the age of thirteen to twenty years old would like to read this book.
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