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Andrew Carnegie Hero Or Not

No description

D'Angelo Stewart

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Andrew Carnegie Hero Or Not

Andrew Carnegie Hero Or Not.
Buisness Practice
Relation with employs
Docs 2,3,4,5
Docs 6,7
Docs 8,9,10
Doc 8- Andrew makes a good point when he says that rich men should give there money to people that need it. I think this shows that hes a hero because he cares about more than himself and his money. He also says that you shouldn't give all your money to your children after you die, because it shows them that they don't have to work for what they have.

Doc 6: Andrew Carnegie was not a hero because, he gave the workers less money than many other companies. He put them in dangerous situations in the Mills, from steel popping, and it landing on a crew of people, to slag falling on a man. Also many workers are tired and don't get much sleep, and that makes the Mill a little more dangersous for others.
Doc 10- This document descrides him as Two-Faced. One face shows him with an angered look pointing to a peice of paper telling his workers hes taking a 20% decrease of there wages. And the other face shows him giving a $5000 dollar check to Scotland and A library to Pittsburgh with a big smile on his face. I feel this makes him look like a villian. Only showing him as a man who cares about nothing but money. But this can also be changed to hero do to the fact that its an opinion, but I can't help the fact that this document makes him look like a bad man.
Doc 7: Andrew Carnegie was not a hero because,he gave less money to his workers than any other companies, he gave them much more time to work for their pay as well. Other companies gave $1.00-$1.90 for 10 hours, Carnegies pay was about $1.41 for 12 hours. Andrew Carnegie could of raised their pay because he took $92,000 dollars and gave $2,800 to them.
Doc 2-Doc two talks about Andrew Carnegies article Wealth. One of the lines he had stated was anti-heroic and made my view of him negative. "The contrast between the palace of a millionaire and the cottage of the laborer with us today measures the change that has come with civilization. Which in other words means survival of the fittest. This makes him very unheroic for the reason of only believing that the rich people will rule over the everybody.
Doc-4 Document four is a graph of the price of steel and how it went down through the years. As the prices of the material to make of steel went down, the price of steel also went down. This document proves that he is a hero beause as the prices of the materials went down the price of his steel also went down. That was a very modest thing to do.
Doc-5 This document portrays andrew as more of a hero because of him using his own resources and being smart enough to set up his own infinate source of money.
Doc 3-Doc three is a coversation between
Andrew and a man named Frank Doubly. During this talk Andrew asked Frank how much money he made a year. Frank awsered I don't know I get payed one large amount every year. Then Andrew said that if he was Frank he would get out of that buisness. In my opinion having more wealth isn't any percent of being heroic so this document is non-heroic

Doc 9- I feel this shows that Andrew is a hero because of the way he gives his money for the sake of good, like he had staighted to do in Doc 8. He made a Homestead Relief Fund to all of his steel workers and there families, he gave them $4,000,000. He also gave money for Free Public Libraries/ $50,365,000, Church Organs/ $6,248,000, and Universities of Scotland/ $10,000,000. By this you can see that he is a very thoughtful man, which is what I feel is the start of a true hero.
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