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MLA Format

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Sarah Webster

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of MLA Format

How to Avoid Plagiarism.
What is
the theft of words, phrases, sentences structures, ideas, or opinions intentionally or
When writing a paper, make sure you give credit to the person's work that you have used.
Even if you put the information in your own words.
You can avoid plagiarism and give the author credit by summarizing what you read or using a direct quotation and then follow both with an in-text citation.
Avoid Plagiarism!!
Works Cited Page
A page in the back of your paper that includes bibliographic entries. There are many types of sources and each has a different format, but follow a common theme.
Book: Last, First.
Book Title
. City: Publisher, Year.
Webster, Sarah.
Teaching Is Great.
New York
Publishing: 2012
Internet: Last, First. "Article Name."
Title of home
. Date written or posted as D M, Y. Date
visited <site address>.
Webster, Sarah. "Teaching is Great

. 4
March, 2014 <www.teaching.com/itisgreat>
Online database (such as Gale) :
Last, First M. "Article Title." Database Name. Database Publisher, Date Month Year Published. Web. Date Month Year Accessed.
Roberts, David. The Total Work of Art in European
Modernism. Ithaca, NY: Cornell UP, 2011. JSTOR. Web. 21 Dec. 2012.
Works Cited Notes
List only the sources that you actually cited within your paper.
Alphabetize your list by authors' last names.
Hanging Indent every line except the first.
Place a period at the end of each entry.
Great places to find sources

How Do I Cite using
MLA Format (in-text citation)?
Author and page number
According to Webster, " direct quote" (2).
"direct quote" (Webster 2
When Webster states that English is the best subject... (2).
Title and page number- Add the full title only if it is short. If it is long, shorten or abbreviate it.
The character is said to be mentally ill. ("The Bell Jar" 19).
Page number only- Only if you already mentioned the author's name.
Plath states her work is dark and sadistic (19).
Other Notes
Two Authors
(Merriam and Webster 200)
Three or More Authors
(Webster et al. 200)
"et al" means "and others"
A work with no page numbers (such as a web address)
Title of Website
The citation MUST be in the same paragraph as the facts!
It also must always follow what you have quoted or summarized!
If the citation is at the end of a sentence the period is placed after the parenthesis.
What you need to know!
MLA Format
The best way to avoid plagiarism is to learn how to use a citation style (like MLA format) and then apply it consistently in all your work. If not, you may fail the assignment or course.
This will also give you creditability.
When do you cite?
A direct quotation
A summary
A statistic
An idea
Someone else’s opinion
Concrete facts not considered “common knowledge”
Information taken from the computer (CD ROMS, internet, etc.)
Illustrations, photographs, or charts that are created by others.
Let's practice a few.
Online Journal
Online Database

See the full list at
Writing Prompt
What is something in the public eye that is just or unjust? What are some arguments for it? What are the arguments against it?
Example: One & Done
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