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Ranger's Characters

No description

Prudence Boland - Riddoch

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Ranger's Characters

Ranger’s Apprentice Characters Will smart Quote 1:
"Battleschool please my lord" Halt Orphan Quote 2:
"Will rode Tug
slowly through
the crowded
fairground that
had been set up
outside the castle
walls. Bearded Dark Quote 1:
He is the Ranger of
Redmont Fief, and when
he slips into
the Choosing Day ceremony
no-one notices Quote 2:
until Will gets a
great shock when
he looks up to meet
Halt's dark, unfathomable gaze. Horace Tall broad-shouldered Quote 1:
Horace is easily
accepted into
Redmont Battleschool
as a warrior apprentice Quote 2:
He soon realises that it's not all glamour and adventure - his days are filled with gruelling physical training, running the obstacle course, lifting weights, lessons in military history, and still more physical training. Alyss beautiful calm nature Quote 1:
Will's friend from
childhood in the
Ward at Castle Redmont
Quote 2:
Her quick wit
and calm nature
make her a perfect
fit for the Diplomatic
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