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Brave New World

No description

Chelsea Wall

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Brave New World

Brave New World
Aldous Huxley

- 632 "After Ford"
- Future london
-Native Reservation
-The Hatching and Conditioning Centre
Aspects of The New World
- A Utopia world
Reproductive Technology
Operant Conditioning
Sleep Learning
Physological Manipulation
Psychological manipulation is a type of social influence that aims to change the perception or behavior of others through underhanded, deceptive, or even abusive tactics.
" Alpha children wear grey. They work much harder than we do, because they are so frightfully clever. Im really awfully glad Im a Beta. And then we are much better then Gammas and Deltas. Gammas are stupid. they all wear Green, and Delta children where khaki. Oh no, i dont want to play with Delta children. And Epsilons are still worse." (Huxley 18)
"From the ranks of the crawling babies came little squels of excitment, gurgles and twitterings of pleasure... The swiftest of crawlers were already at their goal. ... The director waited until all were happily busy. And lifting his hand he gave the signal. The head nurse who was standing by a switchboard at the other end of the room pressed down a lever. There was a violent explosion. Shriller and even shriller, a siren shrieked. Alarm bells maddeningly sounded. The children started, screamed; thier faces distorted with terror. .. " now we proceed to rub in the lesson with electric shock"..."
The story starts in the London Hatching and Conditioning Centre, where the Director and one of his assistants, Henry Foster, are giving a tour to a group of boys. The boys learn about the Bokanovsky and Podsnap Processes that allow the Hatchery to produce thousands of close to identical human embryos. They are conditioned to belong to one of five castes: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, or Epsilon. Lenina Crowne, an employee at the centre, describes to the boys how she vaccinates embryos destined for tropical climates. Mustapha Mond, one of the World Controllers, introduces himself to the boys and explains the history of the World State, focusing on the State’s efforts to remove strong emotions, desires, and human relationships. Lenina chats in the bathroom with Fanny Crowne about her relationship with Henry Foster. Fanny teases Lenina for going out with Henry for four months, and Lenina admits she is attracted to the strange, somewhat odd looking Bernard Marx. Lenina tells Bernard that she would be happy to accompany him on the trip to the Savage Reservation in New Mexico. On the Reservation, Lenina and Bernard are shocked to see its aged and ill members. They witness a religious ritual in which a young man is whipped, and find it uncomprehendable. After the ritual they meet John " The Savage". John tells Bernard that he is eager to see the “Other Place”—the “brave new world. Bernard, Lenina, John, and Linda fly to the World State, where the Director is waiting to exile Bernard. But Bernard turns the tables by introducing John and Linda. The shame of being a “fathercauses the Director to resign, leaving Bernard free to remain in London. John becomes a hit with London society. John and Helmholtz quickly take to each other. Lenina becomes obsessed with John. John learns that Linda, who has been on permanent soma-holiday since her return, is about to die. After Linda dies John is inraged and trys to start a revolt through his anger, but Helmhotz and Bernard step in and try to stop him. They all end up getting arrested. They argue values with a head controller and are exiled to an island. John is to stay in the new world the sickens him so much, and is put under pressure from so many of the values that he gets involved in one and laater regrets it, and takes out his regret by hanging himself.
"The theme of Brave New World is not an advancement in science as such; it is the advancement of science and how it effects human individuals." (ix)
Learning from life and making your own choices
Bernard vs. Society
Sci-fi, Dystopia
Aldous Huxley, is said to be too intelligent he is insane

Time and Place Written:
England, 1931
Chatto and Windus, London 1932
narrated in the third person, primarily from the point of view of Bernard or John but also from the point of view of Lenina, Helmholtz Watson, and Mustapha Mond
Brave New World- 1980
-A world that has made eleminations
Symbols, Sayings,Motifs
Writing Style
-switches from character to character
-third person
-line switches
The End.
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