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Eisenhower wins

No description

Marilee Getgen

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Eisenhower wins

Eisenhower beats out Roosevelt.
Both were war heroes with good relationships with the people
Eisenhower's strong foreign and domestic policies give him the upper hand in this match up.
Ike Makes the Final Four!
Eisenhower did much more in his time than Truman accomplished
Eisenhower's legacy was far greater
Eisenhower had more experience and was good with strategy
Eisenhower beats Truman
While both were very popular presidents, Roosevelt edges out Coolidge as the winner.
Roosevelt was a war hero and his economic policy was very strong.
He was also well-liked and involved in foreign affairs.
Roosevelt beats Coolidge
Eisenhower was a good president
Was honest (U2)
JFK died in office, limiting the time he had
JFK had many issues with international affairs
Dwight D. Eisenhower
FDR's New Deal did little to end the Depression.
Truman had very few weaknesses, the largest of which was his weakness towards domestic Communism (Which FDR also had)
Harry S Truman
Forced Japan to surrender
Truman Doctrine
Assisted the founding of the UN
Berlin airlift
Housing Act
Employment act
Social Security
Protected Alger Hiss
Very weak on domestic Communism
Sent troops to Korea
Harry S Truman
Provided strong leadership
Steered the country through WWII
New Deal program
Neutrality Act
Selective service act
Ignored the Holocaust
communist sympathizer
Brought in an era of big government
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Strong Education
War hero
Promoted to General of the Army, a five-star rank only Washington received, and the rank was then retired after Ike received it.
Work on the interstate system
Won both term elections with sweeping victories
Avoided Brown V. Board decision
Scandals in his cabinet
U2 spy plane scandal
Dwight Eisenhower
Wealthy family
Young president
Navy veteran
Said segregation was a moral issue
Worked with Khrushchev
Invasion of Cuba & the Bay of Pigs
Close election
Strained relationship with Cuba
John F. Kennedy
Very honorable president and satisfied the needs of the American people
Wilson's reelection campaign platform was the exact opposite of his policy in his second term
Cal is Cool
Very strong president, who did his best with the time he had in office.
Honorable man (Scandal was inviting a black man into the White House)
Hoover didn't do well in office
Theodore Roosevelt
Strong political background
Lowered the tariff
19th amendment
passed antitrust legislation
Campaigned as pro-neutrality, but then involved us in the war.
Woodrow Wilson
Very popular president
Arranged a full briefing of wrongdoing from the Teapot dome scandal
Grief over the loss of his son did not adversely affect his campaign for reelection
Lack of economic leadership
Did not personally push for aid during the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927.
Calvin Coolidge
Business savvy
Known for his humanitarian efforts
Worked long hours
Had no elected office experience
Wasn't liked by Congress
Bonus army failure
Smoot-Hawley Tariff
Scapegoat for the Great Depression
Herbert Hoover
A popular president
Was a war hero
Known as being a trust buster
Developed the Roosevelt corollary to the Monroe Doctrine
Didn't like legal boundaries
Gentleman's agreement
Theodore Roosevelt
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