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IAB Rising Voice in Social Media - Group Project

This Prezi looks to answer the brief of how to drive IAB advertiser sign ups through social media

Jean-Paul Edwards

on 13 August 2010

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Transcript of IAB Rising Voice in Social Media - Group Project

Social Media
Group Task What are we tasked with? Identifying our audience through social media
Driving advertiser 'free' sign ups But where do we get them from? We looked at brand advertisers who were NOT current members And we cross checked them against those who were advertising overall, and found who we thought would be fertile ground for a social campaign Identifying our audience through social media
Driving advertiser 'free' signups On to the second task! Business relationships exist predominantly in this space To start... We can use the tools such as groups and searches to find the audience We need the good leads Groups And Searches And we cross checked those non-members against those active in these social communities A couple of examples... Brand advertisers We need to influence the CMOs of our target companies.
They'll be the ones taking the decision to join the IAB But...
There's every likelihood they are 'digitards' or at least a variety of different digital levels While we want to use a cool, social media idea We know that different audiences use social media in a variety of different ways and to differing degrees! SO... We need to capture peoples attention, as this is a difficult audience to get in front of We want to leverage the popularity around the biggest event in social media... we can centre our activity around the launch of what looks to be the biggest film of the year...

the film that is likely to raise a pinnacle of debate around social media and take it to those who have not been exposed to it before How can we connect to the Digitards while still encompassing the IAB brand? We need to be...
friendly, approachable, knowledgeable, confident The IAB should host a free screening of the The Social Network... Inviting all the CMOs and the glitterati of the marketing world, targeting those we have identified as targets to join the IAB At the event we will run a series of free workshops for CMOs emplaning the basics and what the IAB does This would be the ideal showcase for the IAB's expertise.
Taking the online offline, and showing the IAB's wealth of experience and communicating in a relaxed, informal way How would we get them there? We will invite them by 'using' their personal social space Group mailers and community groups How about the more advanced advertisers? And an e-postcard - tailored to include pictures taken from their social network profiles flip over to reveal... We really need to put the Layar on the cake We wanted to add an aspect of gadgetty fun and digital goodness to add that innovative and special touch to ignite conversation and set ourselves from the pack
Our target audience is likely to be digitally connected, have a smart phone, but will not have experienced augmented reality.
…this will likely be something new (and if not, still fun!).
Layar is available on both Android and iPhone platforms
It’s free and easy to build and publish layers for Layar
It’s free to download, easy to access and easy to use
It’s the Cherry on our IAB Social Media cake that will be talked about and shared… socially!
To come up with our target clients...
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