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Guinea Pigs

No description

Priscilla Huynh

on 23 August 2014

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Transcript of Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs
All about Guinea Pigs!
are not nocturnal
can't produce vitamin c
they can walk after being born
can be called cavy
live in herds
have constantly growing teeth
male-boar, female-sow, baby-pup
How to care for Guinea Pigs
Things they will need
My schedule+ room plan

Silkie/ sheltie
water (all the time)
plain hay-based pellets (1/8 cup each)
fresh fruits and vegetables (1 cup each
good quality hay (all the time)
foraging in the backyard (optional)
indoor cages
outdoor hutches
play pens
Floor time
outside in a run
guinea pigs should be weighted once a week
spot cleaning
full cage cleaning
trimming nails

lap time
floor time
time in the backyard
suitable cage
fleece bedding+towels
food bowl
water bottle
some cage accessories
play pen
hidey houses
grooming tools
food- pellets, hay, fruits and veggies
things for it to chew
some cage accessories
paper based pellets for litter
wake up at 6:30
feed guinea pigs fresh fruit and veggies (1 cup)
top up water
top up pellets
top up hay
Monday- swimming, dinner, floor time while i do my homework, feed 1 cup fruit and veg
Tuesday- put outside while i do my homework, lap time (1 hour), dinner, feed 1 cup fruit and veg
Wednesday- matrix, dinner, feed 1 cup fruit and veg, floor time while i do my homework
Thursday- lap time (until need to leave for gym), gymnastics, dinner, feed 1 cup fruit and veg, homework
Friday- lap time, floor time while i do my homework, dinner, feed 1 cup fruit and veg
Saturday- morning routine, put outside while i exercise, floor time while i do my assignments and homework, feed 1 cup fruit and veg, dinner
Sunday- clean cage, morning routine, wash old fleece, grooming+ weighing, lap time, floor time while i do my homework, feed 1 cup fruit and veg, dinner
clip nails
bath guinea pigs (only when necessary)
Please can i get guinea pigs!
Morning routine
Monthly routine
Things to buy only once
Things to buy again
A guinea pigs diet consists of
Exercising and health
Play times
10 facts about Guinea Pigs
Different breeds
I have shown that i know everything about guinea pigs
I know how to care for them
there aren't many supplies that i will need to raise them
I can manage my time if i get guinea pigs and i know that they won't affect my study
I know my room plan if I do get guinea pigs, i will be able to fit everything in my room

As you can see, I have the knowledge and time and space (not only in my room but in my heart!) to be able to own guinea pigs


I have proven to you that i can own guinea pigs and i will look after them very well and i can pay for most things. If i don't spend my money on useless things, i will have about $250!
Did you know that guinea pigs can enter cavy shows!
You can also make all sorts of costumes for them to wear and take photo shots!
IT makes a paw print!
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