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The Longest Memory

No description

Daniel Heald

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of The Longest Memory

The Longest Memory
BY: Jack Daniels
Dominant Reading
• Slavery is bad

• The treatment of the slaves was terrible

• Whitechapel’s tough love was way to harsh.
Alternate Readings:

African American
Whitechapel is the oldest slave on the plantation in Virginia.
He has gained respect from the plantation owner Mr. Whitechapel.
Whitechapel adopts Chapel as his own and treats him as a son, but the ultimate betrayal ultimately leads to Chapel's death which destroys all sense of self Whitechapel has.
1. How many lashes did Chapel receive?
2. Who is the author of the novel?
3. How many chapters are in the book?
4. What is the first chapter called?
5. What is the last chapter called?
6. Who was chapel’s father?
7. What religion do the plantation owners subscribe to?
8. How many brothers does Lydia have?
9. How does Sanders Jr. Resolve the conflict between himself and Whitechapel?
10. Whats one of Whitechapel’s nicknames?

Fred D'Aguiar:
Fred D'Aguiar was born in London in 1960 to Guyanese parents, He lived in Guyana until he was 12 years old, returning to the UK in 1972.

The Longest Memory was his first novel which was published in 1994.
Main Ideas
1. Slavery is an evil system: In which no goodness can survive and corrupts everyone involved.

2. Personal tragedy arises out of the total horror of slavery.

3. White’s are superior to blacks.

The only son of the most trusted and obedient slave called “Whitechapel” on the Virginian plantation

-Powerless, young slave with a desire to escape from the master’s plantation and live in a “Paradise” with Lydia
Lydia is the daughter of the plantation owner, Mr Whitechapel.
As the daughter of the plantation she is under immense stress
Lydia falls in love with chapel through their meetings where she teaches him to read and write.
Lydia represents the
Sanders Junior
Sanders Junior is the son of Sanders Senior. Sanders Jr. is the overseer of the plantation, until the very end of the story he is un-aware that he is the half-brother of Chapel, who he brutally whipped to death. In the denouement of the text he settles his quarrel with Whitechapel after he has died by appologising and paying his respect by covering him with his jacket.
1. As Whitechapel ages, slavery becomes seen as out-dated, to what extent is this true?

2. Explore the abyss which separated Whitechapel and his son Chapel

3. For the majority of Whitechapel's 100 years, his memory has been the key to his sense of self. In the dénouement of the novel Whitechapel wishes to forget his vivid memories of the past. Why would this change have come about?
Cook is Whitechapel's second wife, who is the mother of Chapel, after Sanders Senior raped her.
Sanders Senior
Sanders Senior was the plantation overseer before his son, Sanders Junior took over. He is the biological father of Chapel after he raped cook.
Mr. Whitechapel
Mr. Whitechapel is the plantation owner and the father of Lydia, he fully believes that he treats the slaves humanely, one slave he does respect is Whitechapel, as he has earned it over years of hard work.
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