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Ciroc Vodka

No description

steven ton-tho

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Ciroc Vodka

By : Colton Beebe
Jeanette De Jesus
Danny Ferrira
Richard Marquez
Corina Tietze
Steven Ton-Tho What to know about Ciroc Vodka Ciroc History 101 2003 - Ciroc Branded Vodkas introduced to United States intended to target "high-end" customers
2007 - with the meager sales of 120000 cases a year, brings on Sean "Diddy" Combs as celebrity endorser and brand builder
2009 - Diddy's second year with brand sells 400000 cases Our Findings Why/Who drinks Ciroc Premium Vodkas? Research Methodology
examples Focus Group Questions
1. What is your favorite brand of Vodka?
2. Have you seen Ciroc before? If so, what catches your eye or makes Ciroc stand out?
3. Which brand do you feel is the most comparable to Ciroc?
4. How do you feel about mixing your vodka? How do you normally drink your vodka?
5. When you drink vodka, how does it make you feel?
6. When purchasing vodka where do you tend to go and why?
7. How do you feel about the celebrity endorser "P.Diddy"?
8. After the blind taste test, which cup do you prefer?
9. After the blind taste test, choosing which vodka you preferred,
WHY did you prefer your choice?
10. Any other thoughts or questions regarding Ciroc Vodka or this focus group? Managerial Recommendations Ciroc has distinguished itself from other premium vodkas by its fermentation process with grapes
This creates for a sweeter and smoother finish than other leading vodkas made from corn, rye, wheat, and potatoes
Therefore, Ciroc and Diddy may want to expand their demographic to an older, more sophisticated crowd (ie. wine connoisseurs, top shelf consumers)
One of the world’s only vodkas created entirely from grapes.
Unlike grain, grapes don’t need heat to release their sugars, so CÎROC® uses cold maceration, cold fermentation, and cold storage processes. Until now, only top fine wine producers practiced this process. This technique further preserves its distinctive freshness and extracts a more flavorful combination of the fruit character. 2012 December - New Years Eve Campaign with Sinatra "Luck Be a Lady"
Ciroc sells 2.1 Million Cases making it the second leading selling brand of premium vodkas worldwide
2013 - Ciroc Premium Vodka Official drink of Sundance Film Festival

8. What does it mean to you when there is a celebrity endorser for a specific brand of alcohol? Is that a reason to purchase or avoid certain brands?
9. Have you ever tasted any Ciroc vodkas? If so, which ones and how often have you drank it when drinking vodka over other alcohol types.
10. How well do you think this brand is being marketed and who do you think this product is being marketed to?
11. Do you purchase Ciroc when choosing a vodka to consume? If not, what would get you to change your purchasing habits to lean towards Ciroc branded vodkas?
12. If you have consumed this brand of vodka, what is that you like/dislike about it? What sets it apart from the rest? Most consume this vodka on weekends and parties with friends
Highly marketed towards younger, cool, hip crowds
Most respondents were looking for high quality at decent price
Ciroc Vodka is an acquired need (social gratification - Maslows Heiarchy)
Many believe Ciroc to be one of the smoothest vodkas they have ever drank before Results of Research and Interviews 7/8 Respondents in a blind taste test between Ciroc and another leading vodka brand chose Ciroc over the latter.
Ciroc falls into the category of premium vodka with an affordable price
Although affordable, one can live the lavish lifestyle of Diddy through the act of partying with Ciroc Brand vodkas.
A few respondents feel as if the flavored vodkas are a bit too sweet (distilled from grapes)
Many know of Ciroc because of advertising, but continue drinking because of taste and smoothness Although many of our interviewees believed Ciroc to be the smoothest of all alcohols, the liquor was too sweet for a few palettes (ie. "drinking from my wife's perfume bottle")
Since fermented with grapes (naturally sweeter) rather than the typical starches, Ciroc should focus on how they make their flavored vodkas (lingering sweetness)
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