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grade 4 social project

evan s

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of Albertanow+23

Alberta Edmonton and calgary Both havehave city zoos with over 300 animals each This is a monkey Festivasl World juinors
Champions In 2012 edmonton and calgary
will host world juinors at Rexall and
the sattledome this are the arenas they will
play at in 2012 These are the madals the juinorswill play for. LRT our lrt's are
both called
the lrt(light rail transit)but calgary
calls there lrt the c-train This is edmontons lrt it is under grond for the most part Calgary has 1500
in there zoo that is a
lot more than us we
only have 350 animals This is one of calgary's animals it is a giant fruitbat HI i am a baby monkey this is the Stampede also
Known as the Big Ticket
event The Calgary stampede
is a festival like capital x but with
Festivals Capitalx
has been around for many years it has rides like roller coasters The circus is a place to go to see if you like animas performers
Now the calgary stampede
it is a fest were people can
see bull riders
Edmonton Shrine circus the shrine circus comes to
edmonton every year as a circus
Capital-x Calgary has hosted
the olympics wich is sad because we havn't
this is Calgarys lrt but they call it the c train Calgary Rockey Mountains One festival located
in jasper is the annual
festival of trees it is a
festival were you see mane
trees like pine One more festival
is the jasper in january
it has many games one is
Alberta The great pumpkin
festival is a fest
where you can see
some of the biggest
pumpkins around
The sixteen weekends
of fun is where there
are many activites like fishing
Northern alberta
Year of the Explorer. Jasper commemorates Canada's greatest explorer. January 1811, David Thompson discovered a feasible route through Athabasca pass to the Pacific coast, initiating a steady flow of travellers in this region. Go back in time 200 years, experience the challenges of the Rocky Mountains Spirit of the land.
Parks Canada’s role in this very important discovery will be featured in the exhibition, Spirit of the Land and People. In addition, the exhibition will honor Peter and Catharine Whyte’s relationship with First Nations people throughout their lives here
the spring classic
roedo is a place
were you go to
see people in bull
riding contests s o u t h e r n alberta Alberta Unearthed: 25 stories of discovery
After a year of careful selection we've identified 25 of our most significant specimens to display along with rarely before told stories of discovery. This special anniversary exhibit will celebrate the people, places, and pieces that comprise Canada's dinosaur museum.
Regions These are the zoos
both Edmonoton and Calgary have city zoos
Areana's Edmonton has 1 main areana it is
called Rexal place it holds five of
our stanley cups. this is rexal's outside this is calgary's areana it is called the saddle dome it holds
only 1 stanley cup that Calgary won
Alberta this is a
called the
festival of pumpkins this is the rockey
mountains it is a great place for pictures hockey edmonton has a perfeshinol hockey team called the Oilers they
have 5 stanley cups and
havn't won in more than 2 years Calgary has a perfeshinoal team called
the Calgary flames they have won 2
stanley cups
LRT the Edmonton lrt is for
the most part under ground the Calgary lrt is called the
c-train it is all above the ground
OLympics Calgary has hosted the olymipcs
and we havn't yet this is a bobsled
this is the rockey mountains it is located in jasper and banff national park now for the sames and diffrences
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