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Diary of a wimpy kid hard luck

No description

austin kidder

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Diary of a wimpy kid hard luck

Point of view
It is told in a first person point of view.
" Mom's always saying that friends will come and go but family is forever. Well,if that's true, I could be in for a rough ride" pg1
setting and how it impacts the plot
The setting of my book takes place at a middle school near the end of the year. It is spring time also because greg mentions he wanted to have a snow ball fight when it was warm and it is now. The setting inpacts the plot because wit out the setting some things may have not happened.

New title
I would call the book Greg's Life.
I would call it that because the story focuses on Greg's problems and what he does to solve them and he is the main character.
Diary of a wimpy kid hard luck
By: Jeff Kinney

By: Austin Kidder
Differnt point of view
If the story were to be told from a different point of view. There might be different opinions on every event that happens in the story. Also it might have not been focused on Greg Heffley .
The them of the story is to not give up and always have hope.
" I could basiclly take all the things i like about Rowley and tech Freggly how to do them."
I disagree with Greg having Rowley wright his assignments because he will never learn having someone else do his work.
Proantagests/ antagoness
Kind= Greg/ Selfish=Abigal
Greg is willing / Abigal just wants
to share Rowley/ Rowley to her self
he just wants/ she doesnt even
to hang out/ let them sit next
with Rowley./ to each other
"During/ at lunch
the winter me/ "she's been
and Rowley stored up/ trying to drive
some snowballs in / a wedge
my freezer so we/ between me
could have a snowball fight/ and
when it got warm."/ Rowley
ever since
the two of
became a
charactor traits
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