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Pop by: Gordon Korman

Book Report

Devin Jan

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Pop by: Gordon Korman

By: Devin Jan POP By: Gordon Korman Rising Action The rising action of this story is when Marcus demands that he gets an opportunity to try out for the high school football team. The team was a very close knit group due to recently completing an 11-0 season and winning the state championship. Falling Action The falling action is when Charlie and Marcus go to Charlie's former college where is being inducted into the college's football hall of fame. Exposition The exposition of POP is Marcus moves to a new town in New York. Marcus is a football player that spends time alone practicing throwing footballs through picture frames in the park. He wasn't well liked by the kids at his new high school. Climax The climax of Pop is when Marcus realizes the 54 year old man Charlie, who has been working out with him in the park is Troy's dad, the quarterback of the high school team. Marcus realizes that Charlie has Alzheimer's. Theme The theme of the story is that friendship knows no age. Resolution Characters The main characters of the story are Marcus(Static character), Charlie(Dynamic character), Troy(Round character), and Coach Barker(Flat character). The resolution happens when the Popovich family places Charlie in a retirement home. While attending a football game, Charlie falls off the top of the bleachers. The impact of the fall caused his death.
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