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Copy of Full Tilt

No description

Patricia Wells

on 19 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Full Tilt

by Neal Shusterman Full Tilt prezi made by Eva Gluck In the carnival there is no sun in the sky and it turns unnatural colors. Everything about the park is off a bit. It's not like a normal carnival. Setting The only way out is to face his worst fears. Main Character
and Their Conflict Where this changes into THIS! It all happens when
the ride begins Come in have fun! FUN AWAITS
YOU!!!! But don't let the thrills get to you Or else they'll get
you for good We rode the kamikaze.
Quinn lost his hat on the raptor and I saved his life.
Invitation to ride the phantom carnival. Plot Mom announced she was getting married.
I remember the bus ride.
Quinn passes out and I see the carnival lights in his eyes. We drove to the carnival in my beat-up Volvo
We ride on the Carousel of College mascots.
Next ride was bumper cars in my Volvo I realize what happens to the people who don't make it out.
I ride captain Carl and Moby Mom.
I ride mirrors of distortion. I went on Airship Kamikaze.
Russ tries to kill me.
I ride the Wheel of Ra.
I get locked with my dad. I save Quinn from mummification.
I refused Cassandra's deal of sharing the park
We rode Brain space debris.
I rode the teacup school bus I saved everyone from the phantom carnival Full Tilt takes place in a phantom carnival where all its members are in a coma. Within each ride at the carnival you enter a new world of high adventure. It takes place in present day and the carnival is a world deep inside everyone's mind. The author creates a mysterious mood for the setting. "Die on the ride and you're a part of the scenery. Get caught alive and you're a slave of the park. " It's not the real world yet it's real.. Blake is a 16 year old boy with all the good qualities: neat, clean, smart, honest, loyal and balanced. The exact opposite of his brother Quinn. The only thing he doesn't quite have is the looks, but that's not his real problem. He doesn't have the guts to face his fears. He's always looking out for his crazy brother and he ends up saving his butt every time until one time it goes too far. He puts everything on the line to save his brother from the phantom amusement park that captured everyone before him inside of it for good. He has to complete 7 rides before dawn or else he will be absorbed by the park and will have to stay there for eternity. But can you
survive her again You've survived her once No one's ever gotten this far. Conflict/
Resolution The main conflicts that Blake experiences internally and externally are to face his fears and to complete the 7 rides to escape the park with his brother and friends. The 2 conflicts are truly one by the end of the novel when the last ride makes him relive what he's been trying to avoid since it happened, his most awful memory and fear. In the novel to survive each ride you live one of your thoughts and you must overcome a fear along the way. Each ride you take gets harder and harder. To resolve the conflicts Blake defeats Cassandra by completing each ride and an extra one to free not only himself but his brother and his friends too. He conquers his fears and thinks outside of the box to climb each step and reach the ultimate goal of getting out. While your in there What's going on outside This quote represents the ironic tone in the book because it shows that nothing happens the way you think it will happen. When you wake up where are you "She knows me! I thought.... To outsmart Cassandra, I needed to become a master of wild, unpredictable behavior. Which meant...
"Quinn I need your help"... Tone But that wouldn't work either. She'd be able to predict Quinn's moves as well as mine.... So I told Quinn, " We have to somehow do it together. Do exactly what we wouldn't do."" Even within the story to pass the ride they have to do the opposite of what they're thinking. The twists and turns create the irony where everything that happens is not predictable. The wrong way just might be the right way "Your probably wondering how I fit into this little high school equation with Russ and Maggie. I'm the constant. Constantly studying, constantly busy, constantly shuttling from swim team to debate team and to home. Quotes "I'm not a genius. I'm just a little brains, a lot of studying, and a knack for multiple choice. Blend that with a single parent earning minimum wage and you get a scholarship to Columbia University at 16." This quote describes Blake: a 16 year old boy in a trio of friends, him being the odd one out. He's an extremely busy kid doing whatever he can to get a good career. He's a humble student way above average going to an Ivy league college a year ahead of schedule. Underneath the skin there is something much more. Theme In my opinion the main and best theme of the book is that your strength is your will power and bravery and that it has nothing to do with muscles. In the phantom theme park the power of your mind was stronger than your body. The way to defeat the park was through the strength you have against the pull of the park. Just because your strong on the outside doesn't mean your strong on the inside. After I read this novel I felt overwhelmed with everything that was going on within the story. Throughout the entire book I felt excitement and anticipation. The book hooked you in because you didn't know what was going to happen next. Personal Response The whole book was very mysterious, yet connected.When he escaped from the park it felt awkward, like "Where do I go from here?" It related to me because when I graduated elementary school the big question was what am I going to do next? Am I going to stay in touch with everything or am I going to move on? The big message that I got from this book is that there is never an easy way out and the only way to get to the end is to work hard. Blake has to be smart, brave and determineds to rescue himself and his friends, to get to the end. The End
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