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love a uncharted teritoryy

No description

daniel poop

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of love a uncharted teritoryy

What is Love
Love an Uncharted Territory
A Prezi of the Secrets of love by Daniel Oswalt
Love is Universal
Fat Fun-Time
Fourth Grade
When I entered the fourth grade I encountered some bullies who criticized my love for noodles.
Sadness and Sorrow
When summer hit my love had died and because love equals happiness I had no love and no happiness...
This story has no happy ending but it can teach you that love can be for you and you alone, don't let others opinions of you change who you are and what you love or you can fall into the darkness like I once did.
By Daniel Oswalt
I was fat but I was happy, I played with my friends at a young age until I entered the fourth grade.....
"Where there is love there is life"- Mahatma Gandhi
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