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House of the Scorpion

No description

Juliana Pinnick

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of House of the Scorpion

The House of the Scorpion General Setting: Opium "Opium, Matt read, was a whole country. It was
a long, thin strip of land lying between the United
States and Aztlan*."

*Aztlan is Mexico

Page 168

(The image for this was the last slide.) Specific Setting: El Patron's
Mansion "Lights outlined the white walls of vast house above, with pillars and statues and doorways
going who knew where."

Page 20-21
This is supposedly the Lotus Pond. How the Mansion Feels "It was more than cool, Matt realized. It
was icy."
Page 157
"'It's even hotter in here than outside,' Maria
said, wiping her face."
Page 156
(Yes, I realize that these quotes are slightly
oxymoronic when put next to each other, but they are describing two different rooms.) Sounds in the Mansion "...listening for the clink of ice in glass."
Page 87
"Her crashing chords echoed from the music room."
Page 86 Character Name & Description Quotes and Actions of Tam Lin " Well laddie, let's see what you're made of." said Tam Lin, scooping up Matt in one beefy arm and slinging him over his shoulder." Page 64 Goals, Skills, etc He knows a lot about nature, and
juggles weights, wants to get rid
of the Alacrans. Thank You for Watching! The Opium Tam Lin "Tam Lin is the one with the interesting ears." Page 63 "Thick necked and brutal, flattened
nose and wandering scars across his
arms and face." Page 63 "Tam Lin's ears appeared to be chewed, they were so misshapen, but when he looked into Tam Lin's eyes, he was surprised to see a glint of friendliness." Page 63 "Tam Lin went outside and juggled
weights,he dug a vegetable garden for
Celia in the walled garden." Page 73 Book by: Nancy Farmer Prezi by:
Juliana Pinnick (Character) &
Julia Billera (Setting) Light Level on the Mansion Grounds "...all at once lamps went on among the leaves."
Page 20
"Lights outlined the white walls of a vast house above..."
Page 20-21 What the Inside of the Mansion Looks Like "The walls were painted cream and rose and pale green."
Page 55
"The old curtains and rugs were packed away and new ones in white, pink..."
Page 203 If you found this slide show remotely entertaining, I recommend you read the book! Set bomb outside the prime minister
of London's house. Unfortunately, a
school bus pulled up at the wrong moment.
Poor kids. "If it hadn't been for this place,
I would of run barking mad years ago.
Page By the way, Tam Lin dies at the end of the book. Spoiler Alert!!!!!
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