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advertisements! =]

Bill Banyard

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of advertisements

Advertisements! Hot air balloon- in shape of ice-cream cone. Television- Make a commercial. Poster- Make a poster, put them up around town. Phonebook- yellow pages. E-mails- send e-posters to friends. Celebrities- have them eat our ice-cream. Word of Mouth- Talk to people, people talk to others.
Websites- put them on the internet.
Websites- put them on the internet. Billboards- in cities. Newspaper ads-
put ad in newspaper Airplane banners-
make a big banner, everyone notices it Cars-
Make stickers for car to advertise Brochures-
make a business brochure and hand out to people Commercial-
make a catchy commercial, people watch it Computer-
make an E-ad text messages-
send info about business to friends and they forward it Calling-
The 1 800 number calls
tell people over phone about products
Paintings on Buildings-
Everone notices and looks at
send out info ar deals Maganines-
colour ads, full page Sponsoring-
Sponsor events to show your business Previews-
people watch them, they will see your ad Stickers-
Kids love stickers Powerpoints-
easy to show to so many people Books-
people read them Movies-
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