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Finding Nemo Especies Interactions

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amanda guzman

on 3 June 2016

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Transcript of Finding Nemo Especies Interactions

What are the Species Interactions?
Species Interaction are the relationships an animal of a certain specie have with another animal of other kind of specie.
I. Predation:
1.The movie shows an example of predation in the begginning, when the barracuda kills nemo's mom. This is a clear example because the predetor is the barracuda, and the prey is the mom, he kills her just so he can feed on her.
II. Competition:
3. An example of competition in the movie is when the seagulls compete to get the crab, they are not harming each other, but they are trying to eat the crab for their own benefit.
4. A good example of mutualism is when the movie started, it showed that Nemo and his family lived in a anemone, this is a good example because both of them benefit in their relationship. The clown fish have a home and the anemone eats from the clown fish.
V. Commensalism
7. An example of commensalism is when in the movie they show the whale and the barnacles. This is an example because only, the barnacle is the only one to get benefits, because they travel through the whale. But the other animal doesnt get affected either. In this relationship just one get something good in change, but that doesnt mean that th other one get affected.
Finding Nemo Examples:
In the movie "Finding Nemo" they show a lot of examples about Species Interactions, next Im going to show some of them:
IV. Herbivory:
6. An example of a Herbivory is when in the movie, Dori said that she dont eat meat , she only eat plants. You can say this is an example of Herbivory because these animals only eat plants, and they are called Herbivore.
Finding Nemo Especies Interactions
by: Amanda Guzman
Ms. Rojas
Environmental Science
June 3rd, 2016

There are Different kind of Species Interactions:

- Predation: when an animal who is a predator harms or kills another animal who is the prey.
-Competition: is when two or more animals compete for resources.
-Mutualism: when 2 animals of different species gent benefit by their reletionship. it doesnt harm them of affects them.
- Commensalism: When the relationship between the animals benefits one of the animals, but it doesnt affects neither of them.
-Herbivory: when an animal feeds only on plants.
-Parasitism : when an organism, the parasite, depends on another, the host, for nourishment.
2.Another example is when the seagulls want to eat the crab, this is an example because here the seagulls are the predators and the crab is the prey. they want to eat, kill the crab for their own benefit.

III. Mutualism:
5.Another example of mutualism is between the shrimp and Nemo whe he is in the fish tank, this is an example because they both get benefits by their relationship . While Nemo is getting clean the shrimp is eating the microorganisms that he es taking away from Nemo.
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