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creative misuse

skateboarding at piers 15/17

Shawn Lani

on 3 February 2013

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Transcript of creative misuse

Double click anywhere & add an idea http://www.google.com/ Ribbon of Light

Stanley Saitowitz, “[skateboarders] have taken to [the Ribbon] in the most unpleasing way. I try to talk to these people. I say, ‘Can’t you understand you’re ruining something that belongs to you, the people?” (Adams, December 20, 1995)

Barbara Solomon,”I love it that skateboarders love it, and Stanley hates that skateboarders love it.” (Gillette April 1996)

Vito Acconci, “Our goal is to make spaces that free people – to make devices and instruments that people can use to do what they’re not supposed to do, to go where they’re not supposed to go.” (Acconci interview, 2000a) "personal discovery whether it occurs through art, through science, or just by wandering around the city or the country or a museum, brings far-reaching satisfaction and personal consequences that are vastly greater than knowledge which is just handed to you or told to you." - Frank Oppenheimer ”As long as people can invent something to do with exhibits, they don’t feel that they have to destroy them.”
- Frank Oppenheimer Highlight alternative use of existing space
Create flexable space useful for a variety of programs
Show dynamic relationship between space and user
Invite skaters to exchange product, lessons, make ramps, etc. Creative Misuse Suggestions captivation comprehension conservation
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