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What is reasonable in disability service provision?

NADP presentation for the AMOSSHE / ECU joint event on February 8th 2012

Peter Quinn

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of What is reasonable in disability service provision?

What is reasonable in disability service provision?

AMOSSHE / ECU workshop: London, Friday 8th Feb 2013 What is reasonable in disability service provision?

AMOSSHE / ECU workshop Bryan Jones:

Peter Quinn:

National Association of Disability Practitioners Workshop timetable Intro: Terminology/Workshop Etiquette/What is NADP Brief outline of BJ & PQ roles (15 mins )

Reminding ourselves of the legal definition of 'reasonable adjustments' (15 mins)

Case studies [Individual RA's/Anticipatory RA's /Inclusive] (20 mins)

Discussion, feedback and questions / experience /
good & bad practice examples from the floor (30)

(90 mins) Introduction:


Workshop Etiquette

What is NADP? Legal definition With acknowledgement to Bettina Rigg, partner at Veale, Wasborough, Vizard. Slides used with permission. Case studies One scenario : 3 approaches to reasonable adjustments: 200+ FE/HE member institutions

Wide range of roles and responsibilities in membership incl:
Heads of Disability services
Disability advisers
DSA assessors
Assessment Centre Managers
Technical advisers
Disability specialist mentors / SpLD tutors
Support worker co-ordinators
Support workers e.g. note takers The National Association of Disability Practitioners
Mission Statement:
Improve professional development and status of disability services (post 14 years)
Promote excellence in support services for disabled students The National Association of Disability Practitioners At strategic and practical levels on BIS and SFE stakeholder groups


Contributed to Hopkin review

Journal, Conferences and Events for dissemination of good practice

Very busy JISCMail discussion list Involvement in the sector Individual reasonable adjustment
Anticipatory reasonable adjustment
Inclusive approach Case studies What do we think?

Let's have a chinwag! Bryan Jones [b.jones@mdx.ac.uk]

Peter Quinn [peter.quinn@admin.ox.ac.uk]
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