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November Monthly Reflection

8th Grade Project

Jennifer T

on 4 May 2014

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Transcript of November Monthly Reflection

November Monthly Reflection
Goals for Next Month
Next month, I plan to start fifth position shifting. My
private teacher, Mrs. Rino wants me to start on this so
that I can play scales with three octaves. It's also useful to learn fifth so that I can play even higher notes. Once I get into more advanced music, I'll have to stay up in the higher positions. This is because we are the only instrument that can play that high of a note. I also plan to memorize more songs. Memorizing songs is a good habit to get used to because when I enter future competitions, I will need to have songs memorized to enter. Vibrato is another thing I want to work on next month. The more I practice my vibrato, the faster I can have it completed. It will have a beautiful sound as well. Since I worked on slow and beautiful pieces last month, I want to work on faster and more exciting
pieces next month. At the end of the year, I plan
to present all of the songs I memorized over
the year.
Here are the recordings I used to practice with.
Progress This Month
This month I was able to memorize 2 songs. My
vibrato has progressed a lot since last month as
well. My bowing is now parallel to the bridge. This means that my bowing is straight and I can play the violin more smoothly now. I have also been working on wrist bowing. This will help me be able to play notes faster in songs that are played fast. This is when you bow without using your arm at all. Regular bowing is when you don't move your forearm. This is harder since I'm used to doing it the other way. I have been doing pretty well with this. Each week I have gotten faster and faster. My vibrato has progressed too. I can finally do vibrato! I was so happy because it came to me on Sunday, November 24th. It adds expression and feeling to apiece. My shifting to third and fourth position doesn't need work anymore. I can hit the higher notes correctly now when sliding up. This month, I also joined jazz band. It's every Wednesday morning at
7:30 a.m. My orchestra concert is on December
5th and the jazz band one is on the 13th.

This month my mentor and I were able to
meet several times. We met every Monday morning from 7:45-8:20. I chose to play "River Flows in You," and "Kiss the Rain" this month. Both of them are by Yiruma and they are very beautiful pieces. Ms. Espey helped me shift because one of the songs requires you to shift a lot to be able to reach the high notes. Violinists have to do this very often because we have the highest sounding instrument in orchestra. Ms. Espey told me that my shifting has gotten better since the first time I attempted to play it. I also have both of them memorized. I also met
with my private lessons teacher this
month. She's still helping me with
my vibrato. It takes a
long time to learn, but it's

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