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Samsung Galaxy S5

No description

Veronica Ostrowski

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Samsung Galaxy S5


Past IMC Activities
Samsung had appointed a “Galaxy Team” to capture and share content of images and videos of the Sochi Olympics of 80 athletes and several student bloggers.

In Sochi, there was a Samsung Galaxy Studio where visitors went into the hub and cheer for their athletes through the ChatOn app along with other activities.

This hub was a way to advertise and promote its range of the newest Galaxy products.

Sales Promotion
Distribution Method and Channel
Samsung is the only broad-line hardware manufacturer that
does not
have a direct-to-consumer sales force
Trial Generator Event
Hash Tag Marketing: #DoItForTheCup
From April 12th - May 8th Samsung will launch #DoItForTheCup
Will air Opening Night of the Stanley Cup

Samsung is soliciting “selfies” via Facebook and Instagram using the specific hashtag #DoItForTheCup
Selfies will be put into a mosaic of Pittsburgh Penguins' Sidney Crosby (Top NHL Player)
Current Marketing Situation
Increased its sales promotion budget by 38.7% from 2012

$889 million spent on sales promotion during the first three quarters in its home country (South Korea)
Current Marketing Situation
Samsung reduced the investments in advertisements from last year’s US$1.63 billion to US$661 million

Powerful specifications, great features

Low production costs

Phones available at different price points

Ability to market the brand
Limited market share in an ever growing segment

Too low profit margin

Focus on too many products
Wide range of phones that can address a large market

Accepted by masses

The number one android OS mobile manufacturer

Growing mobile advertising industry
Samsung makes many of the components that go into its smartphones

A cost advantage

More flexible in terms of what it produces and when
Galaxy 4G Pre-Launch
Launch Venue:
Radio City Music Hall, New York City

Broadway Show:
20 actors and an orchestra performed 4 scenes depicting how the Samsung cell phones can be used in everyday life.

“Richer, Simpler, More Full Life”
1. Father at elementary school

2.Translation: 9 different languages

3. Broadway actor

4. Wedding party
Why the Stanley Cup?

Huge national audience

Hockey is a upper-middle, upper-class sport in the US
Average HHI for NHL fans is $104,000 (highest of the four major sports)

Great exposure/ publicity

Fosters competition with other companies

Stanley Cup goers are prone to capture the event with
cellular devices
Mom and Pop phone stores
Sell 15- 20 phones in 1 month get
family plan *at a cut rate

Major Carriers:

Advertising Allowance
Display and Newspaper

Account Specific Promotion
$50 off when pre order Galaxy S5 in-store
*Limited Time Offer*

Within the month prior to phone launch

At Best Buy

"Do it for the Golden Ticket"
A nationwide

Tweet @SamsungMobileUS from
February 1st to March 1st
with why you want a Samsung Galaxy S5 for game day

for a chance to win 2 tickets to the Stanley Cup and the Samsung Galaxy S5

Limit of 5 winners

At Best Buy only
customers can interact with the new Samsung Galaxy S5 before sales start

Best Buy Simulation Center:
where customers can experience the great new features of the Samsung Galaxy S5

Main trial station:
“S5 vs. 5S”

Samsung experts demonstrate
how the Samsung S5 features compares to the iPhone 5s features

Eager customers can pre-order the on the spot at Best Buy

Interactive Hub

Displaying Samsung Galaxy S5 for people to interact with

Stanley Cup goers encouraged to interact with Samsung social media during game

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Hashtag #DoItForTheCup

Range: $100-$200
(with contract)

Deactivated phone: $650
Water resistance

Selective focus

Phase detection auto focus

Heart rate sensor

S Health (personal fitness tracker)

Download booster

Finger scanner (security)

Ultra power saving mode - Battery life

5.1” Full HD Super AMOLED display

Retail Price
Devin Ocasio, Veronica Ostrowski, Adesina Oyenuga

Price wars

Breached patents

Rapid technological change
Sales Promotion:
The Stanley Cup
Example of Campaign




Major Competitiors
Sochi 2014 Olymics

A conglomerate

A manufacturer

World's largest chip-maker
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