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youth subculture: Karate

No description

James Simpson

on 7 December 2010

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Transcript of youth subculture: Karate

Karate History - Developed in Japan over 1500 years ago - Took place in the Ryukyu Islands which is now known as Okinaw, Japan Why? -Developed out of a necessity beacuse weapons were band Karate in America - Karate in the 1950's was recognized in America - After WWII U.S. military trained troops in karate to improve fighting First Mainland Karate School Robert Trias opened the first mainland karate school in Arizona after learning in the Navy "The Father of Karate in America" Styles of Karate How does it look - There are a hundred of differnet styles of karate in the U.S. Goju-ryu Shito-ryu Shotakan Wado-ryu There is a mandatory dress code in almost all dojos - Pants/Jacket - Belt (demonstrating rank) - Equipement Competitions Started in the late 1960's to early 1970's and has been a steady incline since Test your abilbilities in a controlled environment (kata and kumite) All differnent levels of competition such as Local, Regional, National, World Many train just for competitions and stray away from the traditional and spiritual aspects Race/Gender Karate Now... Costs - Equipement ($200) - Uniforms - Monthly Fees ($50-$100) - Competitions Commitment - Hour class 2-3 times a week Dominantly middle to upper class White, male, teen dominante but.... As a reult of Karate -Strength -Balance - Respect - Disipline - Self Confidence - Relationships - Commodified through media, TV, movies that give false identities of the culture - Viewed in the extracurricular activity spectrum Where is Karate - dojo/institutions - Schools - Churchs Opening of schools led to foreign instructors taking advantage in the opportunity to come to America Is practiced just about everywhere Are judge only by ones experience, rank, and knowledge
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