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theGeniusBox creds

No description

Andy Reid

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of theGeniusBox creds

A typical intervention involves ring-fencing a small cohort of participants from the business and working with them on a series of learn/do projects.

We create ‘incubator units’ in your organisation, where over time
innovative and creative capability is transferred
to your business and bottom line.

doing projects
learning outcomes.

It's then a question of focussing on the right issues at the right time, with the right people.

We translate vision to action.

Ranging from insight-to-ideas programmes, creative facilitation, ideas coaching on culture and internal communications - we always start afresh…

..and no, there's no bean bags or lava lamps involved.

We do so by facilitating
in the
right environment
; the focus of any capability being the present business challenge(s).

Put simply,
we solve problems

We deliver programmes that get you and your organisation further and faster in completing projects than ordinary daily flow would allow.

We get 80-90% 'problem solved' when allowed to run free.
“… from 53 to 651 new ideas for the business plan and a rise of 23% in the volume and quality of ideas chosen at execution stage…”

Red Bull
“… theGeniusBox has a unique ability to transform thinking from the ordinary to the extraordinary…”
“…for out-of-the box creative solutions I strongly recommend theGeniusBox…”
We exist to inspire people to think differently and thus solve (business) problems.
Our offer is premium

We often start with a Leader Lodge for
C-suite and Executive Leadership Teams to develop the organisation vision, strategy and purpose.
business impact ideas coaching
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