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Sales/Marketing Strategy 2.0

No description

Duke Revard

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Sales/Marketing Strategy 2.0

Conference Follow-up
Join/Create Local Chapters
Content Creation Brainstorm
Custom Proposals to the Large Volume Set

AdWords Campaigns
OR CCB - OR Contractors
WA Contractors
General Contractors?

Better Metrics - ROI
Better A/B Testing
Research Soft-Markets
52 Email Strategy
A/B testing every 2-4 weeks
1 Solo Blast Strategy
Free Offer?
Commission incentive?
Portland TradeShow (no)
Sales/Marketing Strategy 2.0
InBound Efforts
HubSpot - How built out is our framework?
Website - Marketing Optimized?
Landing Page Creation (How many?)
General SEO Assessment
Gaining Blog Subscribers (Insurance Agents)
PR Releases (How often?)
Monthly Newsletter to OneClick Agents
Content Creation - Free Offers
Drip Email Workflows

Large Brokers
3-5 Whales from NetVU
The Woodlands FG
Others to target?
Local Agents

Organic SEO
Which groups do we target?

What have learned?
Cold Calling
Other initiatives?

Removing SSN in OneClick
Proactive Quote Solicitations?

Keyword Density -Post Per Week
Social Shares
Blog Subscribers

Article writing?
Duke's Focus 2014 Q2 and Q3
Corban's Sales/Marketing Focus 2014 Q2 and Q3
Caroline's Sales Focus 2014 Q2 and Q3
Top 3 on Google SERP

Intern Items
Hubspot Focus
- what is the win
- what would we like them to do
- what metrics do we need to measure success
- Emails & Calls to action (singular focus)
- Email newsletter (structure & content)

Client Conversion/Tracking
Landing Pages
- Create individual bond product landing pages
- keep consistent format and structure
- Research specific bond type information (statutes, rules, etc)
- post 500 new landing pages within the site (top 10 products)
Create a Reward Network

Pending Application into Hubspot Workflow
3.0 Mapped
Cold Call Campaign
Create Leadlists
- Mozenda Scraper
3.o Skinned UP
Goals / Wants
- Cross selling
- Cross selling material
- Education
- Principal Workflow
- Incorporate Hubspot to workflow contact for all pending items
- incomplete applications
- quotes not yet purchased
- move a pending customer to contact in Hubspot automatically
- API integration with Hubpsot and OAS Pending Apps
- Daily goals / Monthly Goals
- SCRUM meetings; standing meetings with daily review of performance
- identifying reward incentives
- media sharing content
- develop a free CE class
- identify how to host or provide a code for a free CE class
- identify bait for brokers
- identify bait for principals
- identify what reports are necessary and what information we need
- develop metrics to understand value of marketing efforts
- develop a promotional campaign
- what is the ask
- what is the win
- what is the time frame
- who is the target audience
- what are we giving them (reward)
- Refine the Adwords campaign
- define what success looks like
- duplicate campaigns for other products
- review marketing proposals
- Build out Hubspot automation
- what are we missing
- what do we need to create
- what do existing items do we need to improve
- Identify Outbound Marketing Efforts
- Cold calling
- Postcards
- PIA Advertisements
- AdWords
- Expo's
- Associations
- Golf Tournament
User experience
- create a review process
- garner feedback from users
- consultation
- action plan for corrective action
Cold Call Campaign Structure
- measurable stats
- predefined goals
- automated follow-up
- experimenting in new markets
- carrier support / product pricing
- streamlined the process
- Existing OneClick user campaign
- Solutions for account as a whole
- who to connect with
- refine what the process looks like
- make sure that we know the story to tell

Create a business plan / process & procedures for inbound marketing plan
website changes
- increased font size on some of the pages
- change some of the staff pictures
- what we do
- grouped picture on the home page
1. Create a questionnaire for interns for user interface / online & OAS
2. Create Newsletter Campaign (12-16 emails) to current users/brokers
3. Identify and Create Freebies
4. Build out Hubspot (workflows and audit existing information)
5. Develop a campaign for Adwords (goals, expectations, performance)
6. Create a reward program for promoters

Young Agent
NetVu Leadership
By November 1st
- 155 New Agents signed up into OneClick (4/21 - 11/1)
- As of 4/21/14 66 Agents purchased a bond
- Goal of 150 active agents (purchases in 2014)
- Average premium per agent from $2,200 to $5,000
- 1 hour free CE offered through our website
By 12/31
- increase agency wholesale premium from $460,000 to $550,000

- Know if Adwords is returning a 15% return on investment
- Will cold calling ROI
- need $3,000/mo in commission ($9500 in premium)
Test Drive
Record an agent demonstration for Duke & Caroline to understand the process of demonstration
Send a WebEx Invite and the processes involved
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