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‘Interactive Whiteboards and the potential benefits and barr

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mehjabeen shaukat

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of ‘Interactive Whiteboards and the potential benefits and barr

Interactive Whiteboards (IWBS)

Discuss the potential benefits and barriers to learning; Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) the way they are used in Early Years settings and the importance of training people who intend to work in Early Years and Childcare so they can use the resource effectively’
known by different brand names one of which is Smart boards
IWB’s are a large touch screen connected to a digital projector and computer
drag and drop objects, hide and reveal, highlight particular aspects of the presentation

Interactive Whiteboard is that it requires training and independent learning by teachers, as it is vital to utilise this effectively before and throughout sessions.
Using the pens that come with the interactive whiteboards doesn't always work well for long calculations so having a seperate board that can be written on with board markers

Room have a whiteboard in , that has never worked at all in the three years I've been here.

Problems with the boards such as bulbs not working

Boards cutting out and boards not being aligned despite trying to do this (we know how to do it aswell!)
Mehjabeen Shaukat
Curriculum Proposal
Increases level of students engagement
Allows young students to demonstrate the knowledge before the y have acquired writing skills
Creates a more co-operative and sharing environment
Boosts students self-esteem and teachers ability to assess learning
Engages students with special needs often helps to improve their behaviour

More than 2.6 million interactive Whiteboards have been installed globally in education, business and government settings, with over 2.3 million installed in primary and secondary classrooms, reaching more than 40 million students and their teachers
Education Primary & Secondary schools 88.5%

Other businesses 11.5%
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