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The Socotra Island

No description

Selin Toker

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of The Socotra Island

Socotra is in Asia. Socotra belongs to Yemen. Socotra is mostly a Islamic country. The people who live on the isolated island of Socotra speak the Soqotri language. Limestone and Sandstone are one of the many rocks on Socotra island. Limestone is everywhere on the island. It is mainly found near mountains and the Dragon Blood Tree on the island. Sandstone is found mainly down by the ocean. There is also lots and lots of sediment. Also known as sand. Interesting Facts Where is Socotra Located Socotra was created when it broke off of Africa. How Socotra was Created Socotra island had broken off of the continent of Africa. 6 million years ago the island of Socotra was formed. Socotra is an archipelago located 220 miles of the coast of Yemen in the Indian Ocean and 45 meters above sea level. It is known as the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean. It is 125 kilometers in length and 45 kilometers across. Socotra is the biggest island in the Middle East. Socotra is one of the most isolated landforms on earth.
About 44,000 People live on Socotra.
There are no ATM's on Socotra.
Socotra is currently free of malaria.
Socotra's time zone is three hours ahead of Minnesota's.
Their calling code is 967.
No credit cards or checks are accepted on Socotra. By Selin Toker
Abby Rabenn
Lauren Parrill Socotra What type of rocks were found on this Island? What minerals are found there? Riebeckite: Was named after German mineralogist, explorer, and ethnologist. It is found in Socotra, South Yemen, South Africa, Western Australia, and many other places.
Color- It's color can range from black to dark green to blue.
Hardness- 4 (fluorite)
Streak- It's streak is like a dark greenish or brown. What kind of Flora is living on Socotra? There is so many different and interesting types of vegetation on Socotra. One third of all the plants there are endemic (Found nowhere else in the world)!
Dragons blood trees- Named for the red sap it gives off.
Dorstenia Gigas- This is an interesting plant because it can grow into bare rock! Dragons Blood tree
http://www.binscorner.com/pages/s/strange-plants-of-socotra-island.html Dorstenia Gigas Desert Rose http://www.binscorner.com/pages/s/strange-plants-of-socotra-island.html http://www.binscorner.com/pages/s/strange-plants-of-socotra-island.html Cucumber Tree http://www.flickr.com/photos/kotomi-jewelry/2891051012/ Basic Facts The animal life found on Socotra Like it's flora, Socotra has so much diversity.
The archipelagos has seen around 210 species of birds, and ten of these birds are endemic to Socotra. Some of these birds include the Socotra warbler, sparrow, bunting, cisticola, sunbird, cormorants, and starling.
There are about 30 different species of terrestrial (living on land) reptiles. 90% of these reptiles are found no where else in the world.
There are 18 dragon fly species that have been spotted in Socotra, but only one of them is endemic. http://www.africa-dragonfly.net/globalResults.php?Species=5020 Azuragrion Granti How old is Socotra Flora continued Adenium Socotranum (Desert Rose)- The Desert Rose has a large trunk to retain moisture because Socotra usually has a very hot, dry and arid environment.
Dendrosicyos Socotranum (Cucumber tree)- The Cucumber tree can be 1 meter in diameter!
These are just a few of the 700 (approximately) species of vegetation found on Socotra Island http://www.uh.edu/engines/epi1896.htm Some arthropods such as centipedes, can grow up 20 centimeters.
There aren't many terrestrial animals on Socotra but they do have some types of Genet and bats.
On the water there are animals and fish. There are many whales,(Examples- Short-Finned Pilot whales, and Sperm whales) dolphins,(Bottle-Nosed dolphins), and Whale Sharks (reporting to be longer than 15 meters). Animals continued http://www.birdsofkuwait.com/blog/?p=1246 Socotra Bunting http://www.binscorner.com/pages/s/strange-plants-of-socotra-island.html Dragon's Blood Tree http://www.socotraproject.org/index.php?page=content&id=12 Monarch Chamaeleon Whale Shark http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/fish/whale-shark/ http://true-wildlife.blogspot.com/2011/02/bottlenose-dolphin.html Bottle nose Dolphins http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/africa?before=1340263766 Genet http://www.210countries.com/destinations/off-the-beaten-path/socotra/ Socotra Sources http://www.socotraproject.org/index.php
http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2012/06/socotra/white-text www.socotraislandadventure.com www.ftiyemen.com/socotra.htm The End!
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