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Richland College Police presentation

No description

Kelly Sonnanstine

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Richland College Police presentation

Richland Police Presentation Richland College Welcome to Orientation - O - Meet some students Play some games Learn some safety tips Meet some people Welcome to the Thunderduck family Advising Paper-Free website Education planning Meet some academic advisors - A - SAP info Advising VS Registration reading online schedule eConnect accounts Core Curriculum Pre-Core VS Core Classes Reading your Advising Report - R - Registration Tour Campus Housekeeping Restrooms are out the front and to the right.
Just get up and go. Cell phone on silent Make note of questions. Overview of the day Trash cans are located in corners. Tip #10 – No Excuses! Due date doesn’t mean the day you DO it!
Save time and stress!
Turn it in ON-TIME! Tip #9 – Get Involved! Tip #8 – Take Advantage of
Campus Resources Consider the impression you are giving at all times!
Clothing - College is your job! Dress for success!
Arrive to class early
Tone of voice
Emails! Tip #5 – Impression Management Advising (T-180)
Tutoring (M-216)
Multicultural Center (T-150)
Working Wonders Program for Single Parents (E-086)
Veterans Affairs (E-083)
Fitness Center (G-112)
Academic Enrichment (WH-101) Tip #3 – Attend your classes Listen! Save yourself time and energy by paying attention the first time!
If you don’t understand what you just heard, tip #8.2--ASK! Tip #1 – Prepare for Class How can I be a
successful student? Knowing your instructor is valuable to you in many ways:
They know who YOU are
They can be references
They can be advocates
They are here for YOU! Tip #7 – Get to Know Your Instructor! Who IS responsible for your success in college?

YOU ARE!!! Who is NOT responsible for your success in college?
Your car
Your parents/relatives
Your friends
Your computer/printer
Your high school teachers Tip #6 – Manage your Time Office of Student Life
Student Clubs
Student Government
Intramural Sports
Art Exhibits
Leadership Opportunities Tip #4 – Read your Syllabus Also known as Blackboard
Online entity of your class (online or on campus)
Find grades and contact your instructor Tip #2 – Log into eCampus “can u plz wrrite me a rcommdation 4 a schlarship  im tryin to get? thanx." Jason Barr - Office of Student Life Office of Student Life on campus activities
student government
student clubs
ID cards Ice Breakers!!! Minute to Win It Games Getting to know you Around the table
Hello, my name is...
I am from...
College anxiety/fear Share your thoughts Richland Academic Advising, through mutual respect, trust, and cooperation, teaches students how to develop and achieve their educational goals. If you receive benefits through Veteran’s Affairs, please let an advisor know before registering for classes. If you are considering majoring in a health profession, you need to complete a Health Profession’s contact information sheet. Get the form from one of the advisors in this session Advising vs. Registration BEFORE registration begins
Involves deep discussion about life goals and the part education can play in meeting those goals
Is about knowing the roads to take to meet those goals
Is about choosing the appropriate university to transfer to for your major and goals Is building your own personal schedule of classes
Is data entry of that schedule either online yourself via eConnect or through the Express Service line
Is the PRIORITY during registration period Don't Stress Out! eConnect vs eCampus Computer Literacy Did you decide to take the class?
Below are your options.
COSC 1301, 1401
BCIS 1405
ITSC 1401
POFI 1301 Did you take the test?
Passed all sections? No computer class
Passed all sections except 1, then take
POFI 1104 or ITSC 1171
Passed all sections except 2 or more, required to take one of the classes on the left. DMAT Format Choose the laboratory (lab) mode if you:
Self-taught & works well on your own
Only need a review of the material
Complete more than one level of Developmental Math in one semester Choose the Computer-based (comp) mode if you:
Self-taught and work well on your own
Complete more than one level of Developmental Math in one semester
Material is presented; home computer not available.
Frequent self-checks for learning the material Choose the lecture (lec) mode if you:
Prefer to have an instructor present the course
Complete only one level of Developmental Math in one semester
Need structure in class Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) If student meets SAP – ‘okay’ status
If student does not meet SAP - warning or suspension
NO APPEALS process
SAP requirements;
2.0 GPA cumulative
Rate of Progress 67%
Not over 150% program hrs.
Must have HS Diploma or GED Core Curriculum 42 hours of Core,
18 hours of Electives For every 1 hour of class time, you will need to study a minimum of 2 hours outside of the classroom to assure an A or B 1:2=A/B WE CARE ABOUT
YOUR SUCCESS! Create a partnership with an advisor! This way you have someone in advising who knows your goals and supports you in achieving those goals. http://www.richlandcollege.edu/paperfree/ Go ONLINE to see:
Important Dates
Class Schedules
Student Services
...plus more... During this session, you can expect to:
Get more information about Degree Programs (AA/AS/AAS)
Smart Careers
Educational Goals
Avoiding academic jeopardy eConnect is an
information resource eCampus is a
classroom resource Time Management Paying for College 3 ways you can pay for your classes 1. Pay in full through your eConnect account
2. Pay in full at the Business Office - T140
3. Set up a payment plan at the Business Office - T-140 But don't forget about Financial Aid The Possibilities are endless... If you are considering majoring in a technical program, please let one of the advisors in this session know so they can give you the technical information handout. GREAT FOR YOUR RESUME! Advising FTIC: During your first semester at Richland, you will be required to attend a FTIC (First Time In College) session. Richland College Police Department
How to contact us From any campus phone you can dial 4290 or 911
From off-campus (cell phone) you can dial 972-860-4290
A dispatcher will answer your call. Please provide your name and campus location
We are located in Pecos Hall room P-160
We have a sub-station in Kiowa (SRO Officer) Richland College Police Department Richland College Police Department
Services we provide “To provide a safe
learning and working
environment” Richland College Police Department
Our Responsibility Richland College Police Department
About us State Certified Texas Peace Officers
Powers of Arrest, enforce law, issue citations
25 Sworn Officers. Average of 5 Officers per shift
School Resource Officers for the RCHS
Law Enforcement Explorers
Operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks per year
Campus is constantly being patrolled on foot, bicycle, segway, and vehicle. Welcome to Richland College Thank you for your time, have a great day and be safe! Richland College Police Department
Rules and Policies Parking enforcement
Fire Lane
Blocking or impeding traffic
Disabled parking
Reserved parking (i.e. Performance Excellence)
Types of citations
Campus - $5.00 up to $30.00 & hold on student record
Justice of the Peace - Fine up to $500.00 Richland College Police Department
Your Responsibility “Be alert and aware of your surroundings” Richland College Police Department
Our Mission The Richland College Police department provides community policing in a collaborative effort between the police and the college community. The goal is to identify problems of safety and security and involve the college community in the search for solutions to campus safety concerns. Richland College Police Department Richland College
Bookstore & Cafe Buy Books
Sell Books
Rent Books The Learning Center More than just tutoring “Connections” Study Skills Workshops
Personalized tutoring
Science, Math, and Writing corners
Service Learning The Learning Center More than just tutoring Don't miss these other
Services at Richland Career Services
The Male Success Initiative
Transfer Center
Multicultural Center
Working Wonders Program for Single Parent(E-086)
Veterans Affairs
Fitness Center
Academic Enrichment
The Library Campus Map & Call Box Locations Campus Map and Call box location Bachelors Degree (part time = 24 semester / full time = 12 semesters) THIS INCLUDES TIME AT RICHLAND It is important to get to know your professor (first day of class).
It is the student's responsibility to drop classes.
You can NOT add a class that has already met. Very Important Contact your instructor
Locate the classroom & the closest parking lot
If possible, get the syllabus & books In order to be a successful, students must attend and participate in classes Contains Professor’s contact information, office hours, office location, expectations, and much, much more!
Always keep a printed copy handy!
Get it early - use econnect Motorist assist - Jump starts and tire inflation
Courtesy escorts
Lost and Found
Crime prevention & awareness seminars
Offense, accident, and incident investigation No roller skating or skateboarding
Always use bike racks to secure bicycles
Rules of the road apply on campus roads and parking lots Richland College Police Department
Rules and Policies 20 MPH on main roads, 10 MPH in parking lots Richland College is smoke free with the exception of 4 designated areas
1. West of Wichita Hall
2. West of Pecos Hall
3. Northeast of Fannin Hall
4. Southeast of Medina Hall Richland College Police Department
Smoking Policy Richland College Police Department
While on Campus Internet Safety
Always log off any website & work station
Do NOT share personal information about yourself
Change your password regularly Keep vehicle locked at all times and valuables away from plain view
Do not drive onto campus with sound system aloud. This only advertises and invites someone to try and steal it.
Be aware of your surroundings while parked on campus
Become familiar with where you park and call boxes nearby
If you notice suspicious activity, contact the Police department HDEV 0092 – Student Success Course 3 hours of institutional credit
A course focused on practical strategies for achieving success in college and life. Key Learning Outcomes--Students will:

learn how to take notes from lectures
become more effective at reading textbooks
learn test taking strategies and improve test taking skills
identify and understand their own learning style
improve skills in thinking and reflection
identify possible career options and determine an educational plan
set personal goals
improve self confidence
be better listeners and communicators
learn to use library and career center resources Course Topics:
Academic and Personal Goal-Setting
Study Skills
Educational and Career Planning
Campus Resources
Test Taking Strategies
Wellness for College Students
Getting Organized
Time Management
Improving Attention and Memory
Note Taking
Assessment of Learning Styles  EDUC 1300 LEARNING FRAMEWORK 3 hours of transferable credit
A course focused on theory and practice in the psychology of learning, cognition, and motivation. Key Learning Outcomes--Students will:

develop critical thinking skills
practice finding, evaluating and using information for course assignments
document their learning in an ePortfolio
learn to self-regulate their own behavior
discover their individual learning style(s)
become more strategic and autonomous learners
apply new learning strategies to their courses, work, and life Course Topics:

Critical Thinking
Eight Multiple Intelligences
Academic Motivation
Cognitive Development
Academic Self-regulation Theory and Management
Memory Theory and Techniques to Improve Memory
Models of Student Intellectual Development (Perry& Chickering)
Surface, Deep & Achievement Learning
Information Literacy and Research Skills
Test Preparation and Test-taking Strategies
Personal Learning Skills & Developing Personal Learning System
Documenting Learning through an ePortfolio Degrees! Associates in.... Science: Business
Computer Science
Psychology Arts: Liberal arts
Visual arts
Performing arts
Foreign Languages
Social Sciences Applied Sciences: Accounting
Computer Technology
Business Administration
Information Technology
Digital Forensics
International Business & Trade
Multimedia Technology
Travel Exposition OR! you can get
Core Complete! Look for Notes
Visit the Bookstore
We are your on-campus experts How to get help Unbound or loose-leaf – Need a binder
Cannot be sold back or returned once opened
Overall cost may be higher than a higher priced bound book because of buyback value at the end of the term
Access codes
Mark a page with a unique mark
Out of stock on a book? Just ask – we will get it for you quickly Other Textbook Tips Right Books, Right Time, Right Price
Flexible returns – Return through the first two weeks of class
Keep your receipt, do not open access codes or unbound books or write in them
Order online before first day of class
Choose in-store pick up to save shipping costs
Order through econnect or www.rlc.bkstr.com
Wait for “Ready for Pick-up” Email (typically within 2 business days) and bring your order number & ID
Purchase in-store
Bring your class schedule
Credit card holders must be present with ID at time of purchase Bookstore Value Best ways to save money on textbooks
Buy used when available - 25% off New
Sell unwanted textbooks during finals week – Get up to 50% back
Rent to realize upfront savings – typically around 50% of new price
Be aware of two semester courses
Go Digital! Savings of 40-60% off new books Bookstore Value Faculty select the content
Purchase New and used condition
Rent by the semester
Purchase or rent Digital Textbooks/Course Materials Full selection of
Thunderduck Apparel & Gifts
School Supplies including Testing Materials
Computer Products & Software
Snacks & Beverages
Health & Beauty
Café featuring Jittery Joes Coffee
Textbooks/Course Materials What do we do Adam Boynton & Rawn Johnson Richland College Bookstore & Café “Know how to contact the Police Department” “Report suspicious persons or behavior” “Attend to your belongings”
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