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Tamara Solomon

on 18 March 2015

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Tamara Solomon
Revolution of Rehabilitation
The purpose for rehabilitation is not do give the offender slack for committing a crime; but to teach important morals and responsibility for their own actions and life. For example, Norwegian prisoners are given an education and many jobs while in prison. At Bastoy Prison in Bastoy Island, Norway; prisoners can work at the farm there and tend sheep, cows, chicken and even grow fruit. The other jobs at Bastoy prison are working in the bicycle repair shop, working in the timber shop or even in the laundry. On this tiny island, just south of Oslo, there is a revolution of rehabilitation and nonexistence of the death penalty and life in prison that should be taken note of because of the great amount of progress in their society.
Rehabilitation leads to progress

While the US has a 65% recidivism rate, countries such as Norway has less than a 30% rate of recidivism. Norway's Governor Arne Kvernvik-Nilson (who leads a staff of 69 prison employees), suggests that his main purpose is not to run a "holiday camp" but to teach prisoners how to treat other people with respect by giving them respect in return. He states, "For the victim, the offender is in prison. That is justice. I'm not stupid. I'm a realist. Here I give prisoners respect; this way we teach them to respect others. But we are watching them all the time. It is important that when they are released they are less likely to commit more crimes. That is justice for society." What these prisoners lose is there freedom, which is ultimately guaranteed for committing a crime. However, they are not treated like animals and are given responsibilities to help them learn how to reestablish themselves back into society.

The purpose of rehabilitation for offenders
The reason for rehabilitation for those who have committed a crime is to promote the humanizing belief that those who have done wrong, can turn themselves around and become better human beings. Although offenders have committed a crime or crimes; for those to base upon the fact that all offenders will always disobey the law is unfair if they are not even given the benefit of doubt.
Either way, rehabilitation can help. Retribution is defective.
Pro Rehabilitation


Sometimes in the criminal justice system, not all who are found guilty of committing a crime are guilty. We as a society need to realize that sometimes the system does not imprison the correct offender. Some are even put on death row for committing a crime that they did not even commit. According to a study by a researcher and writer of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences named Gross, there is a false conviction rate of 4.1 percent for those sentenced to death. What this means is that there are a number of innocent people sitting on death row who will be exonerated in the future. This is why rehabilitation is needed. If there is a history of the wrongfully accused being put on death row, how can retribution be a helpful form of deterrence?
An example of why rehabilitation is more effective than retribution
Rehabilitation should be a mandatory part of our criminal justice system because there are offenders in prison that should be given a second chance in their life. Not everyone who is found guilty of a crime should be locked away for life or even face the death penalty. Two wrongs do not make a right. Although offenders have committed crimes and disobeyed the law and should be punished, they should be given the opportunity to prove themselves to society.
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