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Point Pelee

No description

Erik Link

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Point Pelee

Point Pelee is very Important
Point Pelee national park is one of the smallest national parks in the world, but it one of the most important place in Ontario why is that?
What is Point Pelee?

Point Pelee is a national park that goes to a point in the middle of lake Eire. It is the most southern place on the main land of Canada. Point Pelee is home to many species of plants and animals from butterfly and birds to deers and even turtles. Point Pelee is a great resting place for birds and butterflies because it is the close land to the U.S.A so it takes less energy to get here then anywhere else.
Lake Eire
What role do the great lakes play in influencing the climate?
What is a biome? A biome is a community of plants and animals that live in area with a certain temperate. Most of Ontario is considered in a taiga also called snowforest or boreal forest. Taiga usually consist of pine, spruce, larches tree. Taiga is also the most common biome in the world. Point Pelee is in the Carolinian Life Zone. The Carolinian Life Zone is a area in southwestern Ontario that has lots of deciduous trees (tree that lose their leaves in the fall). Point Pelee is also a microclimate. A microclimate is an area that can be any size in which the area around it has a different climate.
Invasive Species
Over the years aliens have bin attacking Point Pelee. An invasive speices called zebra mussels. they were brought over here in big ships ballasts and ever sins then they have bin thriving here and have multiplied by the thousands. They are a big competitor of our native spaces.
What makes Point Pelee unique in Canada?
There are many things that make Point Pelee unique in Canada like that it is one of the smallest national parks. Point Pelee is a microclimate so that means the average climate is higher then the area around it so it is easier for more southern animals to come live there then any where else around. Another reason that Point Pelee is unique is that there are many animal species that live at the Point there are 60 species of butterfly's, 16 species of snakes and more then 370 species of birds have bin seen!

Why is point Pelee a suitable home to animal and plant species at the north point of their habitat?
The reason Point Pelee is is a suitable home for animal and plant species at their most north point of their habitat is because point Pelee is a microclimate. It tends to be warmer the the rest of Ontario making it easier for animals that like the more warm climates to stay there. Another reason is that Point Pelee is the most southern place in Canada so it is easier for the birds and butterfly's to migrate to the Point then any other place across the lakes.
Point Pelee
Lake Eire was claimed to be a dead lake 30-40 year ago, but slowly the plant started to bring the lake back to life filtering out the pollution and now it is slowly coming back to the great ecosystem it once was. lake Eire help the Point because it is a big body of water it helps to cool the area around it and that is what make it a microclimate.
Phragmites are another invasive species but these are plants. Phragmites a the main competitor to cattails. On the board walk over the last 10 years the phragmites have stared to take over the marsh land and leave no room for the cattails to live.
The great lakes influence the climate because water cools and warms slower then normal dirt so the water will absorb some of the heat from the mainland make it have a smaller range between temperature in the summer and the winter. There is also a strong wind that comes of the lake to the mainland.
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