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Copy of Plate Presentation

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Yvonne Ashton

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Plate Presentation

By: Moriah Allen Plate Presentation Learn how to Plate Properly
Use of Variety of Techniques
How to add visual appeal to plated food Learning Objectives The way food is presented affects a persons perceptions of how it will taste.
Chefs arrange the different components on the plate how interior designers would place furniture to a create culinary masterpiece. Plate Presentation Plating Food Plating food should look natural; as in everything that is on the plate it is meant to be where it is at.
Try to strike a balance between having enough food on the plate instead of overcrowding it.
Leave at least one third of the plate empty.
Always plate your dish immediately before serving it. Its always said "hot food should be hot and cold food should be cold".
Always check the temperature of the food before serving the guest.
After plating always check if the plate is clean; Clean spills or sauces with moistened paper towel. Plating Food Use culinary elements like colorful spices.
Buy bowls and plates that are different shapes and colors to improve your food presentation.
When plating hot food be careful with garnishing; by the time you're finished garnishing the plate in some cases the food won't be hot.
You can always garnish the plate before you plate the food.
Therefore, it is essential in these situations that you plate quickly and have your garnishes close by. Decorating Combine foods with different shapes, colors and textures on the same plate.
For example: A grilled filet mignon looks good with mashed potatoes and green vegetables.
If you're plate contains multiple elements use and odd number of dishes than an even number.
Try to use a variety of shapes in dishes. Shapes, Colors, and Textures Examples: Garnishes add color to the plate and continues the theme.
Garnishes can also provide flavor like a lemon wedge with seafood.
You can use garnishes like parsley and a dish sauce to bring out the flavor.
Use only relevant or complementary ingredients or flavor.
A zester can also be used to add flavors. Garnishes Everything should be edible on the plate.
Keep it simple and quick.
Arrange the food in the middle of the plate and build outward.
Brighten up the plate if the dish is white or brown.
*BUFF* Balance, Unity,Focus, and Flow
Get a visual on how you would want to plate the food. Tips on how to plate properly: Clock it:
Starches at ten o'clock
Meat at two o'clock
Vegetables at six o'clock The Set Up: The focal point:
Find the focal point which is usually the protein and elevate it against the starch. http://www.how-to-cook-gourmet.com/platingfood.html
http://www.lifescript.com/food/articles/c/creative_food_presentation_techniques.aspx References

What does BUFF stand for? Quiz How much space do you have to leave on a plate At what time do you put the vegetables? "Presentation is very important in dining because we eat with our eyes" Fine dinning:
Want the consumer to be impressed of what they see right in front of them.
Experience quality Food.
Excellent ambiance. Restaurant Concept What is important to garnishing before you plate hot food? True or False Garnish can be used to provide flavor?
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