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Kat Parks

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Positivity

Broaden & Build Positivity Ratios The Book Positivity Barbara Fredrickson
"Positivity" My Inspiration This book inspired me to not only begin to live my life in a whole new way, but was also the inspiration for this presentation. I think this knowledge should be available to everyone. Part One reframing negative/neutral experiences in our lives.
using positivity as a means to a fulfilling life, not an end product.
broaden and build theory.
increased resiliency/ability to bounce back.
positivity ratios.

Brandeis Study Positive, negative, or neutral emotion
looked at 3 pictures: Positive people
looked around more. Positivity expands
your world view, broader scope of visual
attention (58). Own-Race Bias in
Facial Recognition Positivity, negativity, or neutrality. 28 faces, later 56 faces. Positivity improved facial recognition of other-race people. "under the influence of positivity, people became just as good at recognizing individuals of another race as they are at recognizing individuals of their own race"(68). Alice Isen 1970s- make some participants feel good (with unexpected gifts). Those people were more likely to spontaneously help a stranger in need. Externalizing your positivity through helpful, compassionate acts. Nina's Story She was languishing (opposite of flourishing), and picked for experimental meditation group at work. Body relaxed, no more headaches/stomach pain, more focused on connecting with others. More confident and optimistic, renewed sense of direction and purpose. One year later: still meditating, finally pregnant (with twins) after years of trying, still noticing small things, made peace with everyone in her life. "My soul grew," Nina said, "I just feel more peace"(83). Broaden & Build Gained mental resources: becoming better able to attend mindfully to the present and savor upcoming pleasant events.
Gained psychological resources: becoming more accepting of themselves and seeing their lives as more purposeful.
Gained social resources: forging deeper and more trusting relationships and feeling more support from close others.
Gained physical resources: becoming healthier. Losada, Mathematician Boardrooms: positive, negative, neutral comments all
recorded. Created a 'positivity ratio' of positive comments
to negative/neutral comments. Below the ratio, the team
members languished, argued, and fought their way down a
downward sprial. Above the ratio, the complex dynamics of
flourishing occurred. Ratio = 2.9013 to 1. Fredrickson, Psychologist Used 3 to 1 positivity ratio to test theory.
"Negativity bias"- bad is stronger than good.
"Positivity offset"- more events are good; feeling
bad is relatively rare.
Part Two what is your current positivity ratio?
decrease negativity
increase positivity
final facts: 1) positivity feels good
2) positivity broadens minds
3) positivity builds resources
4) positivity fuels resilience
5) positivity ratios above 3 to 1
forecast flourishing
6) people can raise their
positivity ratios

*all of these are interconnected* By Kat Parks
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