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No description

Tiffany Parsons

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of HDI

by Tiffany Parsons Sierra Leone 180/182 on the HDI low list as of 2007 Why?? A small amount of land supporting a large group of people 71,740 km squared of land 5,866,000 people as of 2007 approx 0.01 km squared of land per person, or about 32.8 ft per person Kids trained in secret (not by government) for military not many get proper education + = Previous mismanagement of diamonds (Blood Diamonds) smuggle and sell for drugs Civil War in 1990's killed many Lack of westernization mud huts and other older ways of living still used by most people Older culture still in effect Electricity not popular Not many employed due to lack of high paying jobs compared to areas like the USA Net primary enrollment rate 69% male and 69% female GDP?? $810 about half of population not literate. very low... Literacy rate?? 34.8%
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