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Blended Learning

...an overview. Part of my interview for Missouri S&T.

Ben F

on 16 May 2010

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Transcript of Blended Learning

Introductions "Education is not... ... the filling of a pail... ...but the lighting of a fire."
W. B. Yeats So what is it & how is it different from other modalities? selecting faculty implementation Blended Learning "I'm tasking you with developing
a program to implement blended
learning on campus." scenario 2: Right this way
to Dr. Wray a. Prepare a plan for developing blended learning on campus. b. Prepare a presentation to present to EdTech... ..and a few department chairs who might be interested in participating. ? ? ? c. Your presentation will be part of the
interview process. by Ben Filla The End...
...and thank you! Which presentation...? Hmmmm... ...so let's begin! (I feel so 2-dimensional.) Bibliography (and other resources) Adobe Ps, Fl, & Fw
Prezi Is the shirt a little too much? Definition: hybrid learning mixed mode learning blended learning (BL) trouble with this neologism? Benefits those that are already teaching online
or web-enhanced courses $$$ one semester lead time (you'll note this adds up to exactly $22) early adopters/tech savvy e.g. maybe have own web site like to try new things/volunteers Why do it? Consider what isn't working F2F and how,
though retaining pedagogy, tech can provide a
work around. Considering available tech,
why do some instructors
use the whole class period
to show a movie? It's a cry
for help! Where to begin? put remedial stuff on the web What works for Dr. Myers won't
necessarily work for Dr. Ivliyeva Potential challenges Time
Tech failure
Tech ownership
Tech availability
User Failure
S2S (skin-to-skin) failure (humanness)
Less flow, energy, playing the audience
"...teaching is, after all, a form of show business."
- Steve Martin Help me teach! Even the biggest brains
may not be able to express
information in the best ways... "The integration of F2F and online instruction in a planned and pedagogically sound manner."
- Sloan C, 2005 "Blended learning systems combine F2F instruction with computer mediated instruction."
- Charles Graham/Curt Bonk, 2006 ...Tomato, Tomatoe (sp)... (interesting work
in BL for language
studies) Wikimedia Commons
Missouri S&T T Start here for the interview... Otherwise feel free to roam about (but be careful, the blades are sharp) Ouch! (and I may have over ironed my jeans...
...and arms) ( ) ( ) You can probably tell
I'm excited about the job. Turbo Blender this baby will blend rocks! How did we get here? Now Showing:
Sage on the Stage or... Guide on the Side How pretentious to quote myself!
(oh, and could you call 911 - I feel a bit feverish) *Ultimately online learning/blended learning
won't be differentiated from "learning" read "The World is Open"! - a very cool book ultimately it's... ...and... Ode to an Apple IIe:
How I miss your phosphorescent glow,
you gave me something to look forward to.
But now I'm all grown up don't you know,
and all I have is work to do.
B. J. Filla (hey, wait! that's me!!)
see poem below What's a floppy disk? Why does this monitor have dials? It kind of looks like my grandma's tv... TECH & TEACH This shirt and tie look
kind of familiar = TE(A)CH 10 PRINT "Hello World!"
20 GOTO 10 or... or... or...maybe it's a misnomer??? neo = new, logos = word blended vs. un-blended - are they truly separate?
F2F vs. web conferencing/videoconferencing
learning vs. teaching Just because I can't smell you or taste you or touch you does it mean we're not F2F? Honestly, who wants to smell someone? ...and tasting and touching just makes the headlines. does this imply only one is right? Pedagogy Then, as if to further complicate matters, in a talk
"Blended Learning Revisited", John Seely Brown connects
the F2F element more so with peers - less with the subject
matter expert... plus he throws in the "learning about" vs.
"learning to be" - but that's more pedagogy, which is up top. personal computer affordable convenient reliable ubiquitous Internet eMail web 1.0/2.0/3.0 IM general tech pedagogy digital audio digital pics digital video constructivism cognitivism connectivism please be careful when boarding ride well, first of all, it's fun! a better answer though
is up a little higher it wouldn't feel like work unless there was a bulleted list somewhere :) more learner centered
faculty more likely to adopt BL
paves way for 100% online
lets class time be spent on instructor's strengths
testing can still be done in person (if that's your concern)
though certain testing can be done online for immediate feedback
faculty/student become more proficient with soft/hardware
less travel time = less gas/wear-and-tear (ecoEd)
less time on campus = can work your job/be with family
requires less space on campus = can do more without construction
precious lab time freed up
discussions are generally more thoughtful - especially when put in public
introverted/tired/angry students can express themselves justly
increased interaction all around
lectures improved and can be listened to/watched whenever at any part
generally helps with student time mgmt and critical thinking
student retention better Up and running Dare to take Einstein's wormhole teleporter? I thought you'd say that... these work together, hence "blended learning" - you'd know that if you'd been reading... EXIT Free up class time for active/hands-on learning First class can be orientation/or alternate one week F2F, the next online Best of both worlds! Not a panacea, though BL holds maybe one of the best solutions to the riddle of shaking the 100 yr curse! ...that couldn't have been good for my health. 27 AR simulations virtual worlds wikis blogs social media MMORPGs microblogs discussion boards chat rooms IM SMS podcasts screencasts lecturecasts LMS web conferencing videoconferencing cloud computing O O L S so called "Perfect Ed Storm" can you imagine web 2.0 100 yrs ago? Wright Bros. vs. Gustave vs. Pearse move from supply-push to demand-pull virtual labs eReaders eMail Digital displays supplement F2F with online LMS with F2F orientations/exams/conclusions Create a sense of community productivity suites mLearning synchronous online collaboration social bookmarking Andrea Gail This can't be good. I loved "Point Break"! budget shortfalls job markets flat world exponential growth world never sleeps geographic barriers gone colleges businesses government not just one job/life new types of jobs PDA smartphones GPS tactile gaming this is getting kind of deep so maybe it really could be Synchronous + Asynchronous "...also...where asynchronous media...are deployed
in conjunction with synchronous technologies."
- Janet Macdonald, 2008 socially constructed + technology learning about learning to be learner centered! crowd sourcing collaboration dynamic and rich 3D why now? ADA compliance safe experimentation and failure allow for collaboration allow for production/creation event planning photo sharing voice clickers
wireless mouse/pointer immediate (or there abouts) feedback clear and timely communication RSS Hi! Welcome to my
interview presentation. INTRO o -Ben that was farther
than it looked... can we separate chalkboard
from teaching? is it happening
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