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Stress and Wellbeing

No description


on 13 October 2015

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Transcript of Stress and Wellbeing

Ashbourne College
Stress and Wellbeing
Draw a picture of fictional character.
In thought bubbles around the outside of picture answer the following questions:

What is their home life like?
Who are they close to?
What do they do in their spare time?
What are they like at school?
How do they keep themselves emotionally healthy?
Broadly, emotional wellbeing refers to the way a person thinks and feels about themselves and others. It includes being able to adapt and deal with daily challenges (resilience and coping skills) while leading a fulfilling life
What is Emotional Wellbeing
Stress is a normal and natural body state.
Stress is what you feel when pressure is placed on you

What is Stress?
Stress motivates and gives us energy and focus we need to work hard and meet deadlines
The Stress of Year 12
Create a fictional character who is emotionally healthy
However, prolonged stress can lead to serious effects on body and mind
Can you identify these effects?
Agitated easily
Trouble concentrating
Difficulty sleeping
Frequent crying
Coping with Stress
Are you feeling any symptoms?
What do you think is causing it?
Start with writing your worries as a list
What can you do to alleviate your worries?
Talk to friends, family, Personal Tutor, Head of Year
Can also talk to counsellor or GP
Hot bath
Go to bed early
Avoid alcohol and drugs
Reduce caffeine and sugar intake
Relaxing Music
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