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Zotero Ecosystem

This Prezi provides a visual of how the many components of Zotero work together.

debbie maron

on 5 July 2011

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Transcript of Zotero Ecosystem

CSL repository WEB API Translators ZOTERO XULRUNNER SVN translator repository Stable XPI https://www.zotero.org/svn/extension/trunk/ Experimental XPI Firefox scaffold citeproc-js Zotero Standalone XUL/Javascript applications Zotero Ecosystem citeproc-js Word Processor Plugin Your local library Zotero library SERVER Node.js citeproc-node client ...format=bib or content=bib Firefox profile directory CLIENT Zotero directory zotero.sqlite item metadata and sys. info storage directory snapshots, copied files Mozstorage API (any 3rd party application) Translator terms:
Regular Expressions
HTML/CSS Citation Processing Terms:
Citation Style Language
CSL is a Stylesheet with logic Application Programming Interface (API)
Serialization formats: JSON, ATOM. RSS
The Command Line
CURL API terms (sql.lite API) Ecosystem terms XUL - the XML language of the Zotero INTERFACE layer. Used in Mozilla apps (including windows, the browser)

XULRunner - the runtime environment in which Mozilla applications and extensions, like Firefox and Zotero, are run.

Javascript - lingua franca of the web. forms the LOGIC layer of Mozilla apps, including Zotero. Your server-side library SYNC citeproc-js
Web API Mozilla Application Framework: the framework in which apps such as Firefox have been developed. XUL, XULRUNNER, and Javascript are key components of this framework.

Zotero is also built in this framework. sqlite: a serverless database engine, implemented as a C language API. The local Zotero client uses Mozilla's sqlite API, the mozstorage API, to store item metadata in your local library database Zotero components translators: take information from a Web site and convert it into an ingestable form for Zotero consumption.
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