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7 basic steps for Successful Online Campaigns

Campaign pitch


on 28 February 2015

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Transcript of 7 basic steps for Successful Online Campaigns

1. Objectives Securing a sustainable & successful Online Campaign 7 Steps for dummies about us A successful online campaign clearly stands out of the crowd! standing out in a crowd What is the aim of our campaign?? 2.Target 'tribes' Streamline. Amplify. Connect.
by defining who you want
to reach Asking people to take action on an issue that is important, that might not be important
to them! challenge What do we know industrial disputes
global economic crisis
Job losses
carbon tax But what are the steps to ace a campaign? Roll-out a targeted, 'tribe' based campaign aimed at youngsters.
Consolidate and strengthen existing campaign resources and communication channels.
Form partnerships with allied groups. Develop a sustainable approach Working
group e
(h)acktivism 5.Content 3.choose
your social media niche 4.Campaigning 6.Administration Keep It Simple & Stupid
*short (not overloaded)
*straight forward K.I.S.S. HOW?? motivation not knowledge Personalise the content >define
mood & make it inspirational>
create a relationship & involve
the #audience
& attractive. Maintain their attention
use your 'tribe's' language
Make it open VIRAL?
unique? (movember)
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