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POWERleap Piezoelectric Floor

Stepping into the future with new self powered and wireless technologies

Julian Belilty

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of POWERleap Piezoelectric Floor

Healthcare Workplace Retail 2.0 Real-Time Real-Time Caretakers can remotely monitor patient activity ENERGY EFFICIENCY!!

Capture & USE of: Capturing foot traffic data can be used to control lights & HVAC on each floor Determines the:
1) Type of occupancy
Automobile vs. Person

2) Direction of travel Allows more accurate & localized readings than your typical occupancy sensor Capturing traffic patterns within each aisle helps:
Save Energy
Create Effective Marketing Strategies / Product Placement
Interact With Shoppers Enhance work settings by incorporating wireless data capture Save Energy
Collect & Analyzes Data
Interact With Occupants World’s 1st low-profile sensor that…powers itself
Harvests kinetic energy from mechanical pressure
Sends out information through a wireless connection
Embedded into the floor The ability of quartz crystals to harvest kinetic energy when a form of mechanical pressure is applied
Temperature Changes What is Piezoelectricity? Real-Time Information Self Powered Occupancy Tag SPOT is designed to: Breakdancing our way to Energy Independence: The Power of Human Movement Walkways
Runways Ticket Gates in Tokyo's Metro Station How can we use this technology? Charge your phone just from the vibrations of the sound... ...or charge your phone simply by walking to the next stage PEDESTRIAN MOVEMENTS INTERACTIVE
CONCERTS Greenwaves Music Festival 2012
@ University of Central Florida Garage Real-Time Green Building Automation Buildings waste 30% of electricity consumed PROBLEM Energy Harvesting SOLUTION What will it take to SWITCH from the Energy that built our World, to the Energy that will shape our future?
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