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Advantages & Disadvantages - Input, Output and Storage Devices

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Input, Output and Storage Devices

Morgan Ashenden

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Advantages & Disadvantages - Input, Output and Storage Devices

For KS2 Pupils Advantages & Disadvantages - Input, Output & Storage Devices Input Devices Any device that outputs information from a computer is called, an output device. Since most information from a computer is output in either visual or auditory, the most common output devices are the monitor and speakers. These two devices provide instant feedback to the user's input, for example displaying characters as they are typed or playing a song selected from a playlist. Output Devices A computer storage device is any type of hardware that stores data. The most common type of storage device, which nearly all computers have, is a hard drive. The computer's primary hard drive stores the operating system, applications, and files and folders for users of the computer. Storage Devices By Morgan Ashenden Here is an example of an 'Input Device', It is a portable mouse. An input device is a device that provides input to a computer. The two main examples of these are a Keyboard & Mouse and when you click something on one of these input devices, it sends a signal through to the computer making it complete this action. This allows you to type text, open documents etc. An example of an 'Input Device'. It is a keyboard. Here is an example if an 'Input Device'. It is a microphone. Here is another example of an 'Input Device'. It is a Xbox Controller. Here is a pair of Headphones, also an input device. An example of an 'Output Device'. They are headphones which can sound out music. This is a printer, the example of an 'Output Device. As you may see in classes, this is a projector screen, an 'Output Device'. A TV is an 'Output Device' as it gives out image. This is two speakers, they 'Output' sound. Here are 5 examples of 'Storage Devices'. They include:
Memory Stick
Hard Drive 5+7= (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr They can open documents and help you do stuff on the computer. - Advantage They can sometimes 'lag' and click on the wrong thing. - Disadvantage You can play music from your computer into headphones - Advantage The printer may not be able to connect to the computer meaning it is useless. - Disadvantage You can store as much information as you want on these devices. - Advantage If you lose this data then someone else could get personnel information. - Disadvantage Disability Specialist Hardware Most individuals who are blind use standard keyboards, however, they do use Braile Keys to help them remember where these keys are or what they are. People with disabilities such as hand(s) amputation (where they lose it) have a chance to use these computers when they are given certain tools to access them, whether it be a tool to push the keys or maybe it is voice activated meaning that they can access it without needing any effort.
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