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MM Hasan

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Design Perspective
• Understandability
• Learnability
• Operability
• Attractiveness
• Navigation
• Responsiveness-performance
Usability - Desktop to Mobile
Usability - Desktop to Mobile
• You have a good website made for desktop and users can access it from their mobile phones also.
– Just loading websites on the phone is not enough
• What matters for users
– Time to load the website
– User interface
– Accessibility of various functions available
• Usability design needs to change, otherwise usability effect and UX will suffer
What's Wrong?
UX - Experience
Consistent Green can
give one's comfort zone.
What's Wrong ??
• Big buttons
• Good for big fingers
• Semi-meaningfulicons on the bottom
– Note contextual location
UX- Good Design Exampl
• Goodnavigation
• Good size buttons
• No
UX- Good Design Example
• Simple Information App
• Simple colors
• Meaningful Icons
• Big enough to see
- Md Mahmudul Hasan
Sr. Lecturer, Dept. of CSE, iOS Games Developer

What's Wrong??
@MMH- DIU/ MoICT Training-2014
UX- Good Design Example
UX- Good Design Example
• Easy to use scroll – Thumb Friendly
• Simple colors
UX- Good Design Example
• Consistent
• Finger friendly
• Consistent location of icons on bottom
Mobile App UX Design
• Quick
• Simple Navigation-Task Oriented
• Thumb Friendly
• Visibility in Design
• Easy to Convert /Complete the task
• Contextual
• Seamless with main web app
Best Practices..........tips
X - Factor
User Experience- UX Design
It is the experience of user of the mobile app where all aspects of a product or service are addressed as perceived by users
What actually need?????
Feeling of myself
Freedom of use
Loving and caring
Case Study
Which one is good and why?
D & D perspective
User Experience Design (UX)
• Easy on the eyes
• Semi-meaningful icons
Case Study
Candy Crush-->

Why Candy crush on fire?
""1. it is colorful
2. stages are of different strategies
3. levels are easy at beginning
4. not so childish, it needs intelligence""
Q & A
Thank You
50 million MAU across all devices
Nearly 2x engagement for people playing on web and mobile versus one platform

X- factor??
1. Pink environment
2. Feel my own place and love to crush the candy ( like to destroy )
According to FB-
1. Cross platform facilities and excellent graphics
why do i play candy crush??
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