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Alex Souza

on 28 October 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The use of sexed semen
in beef and dairy

Alex Souza
Ceva Sante Animale

A few facts about sexed sperm:
Straws loaded with
~ 2 million sperm

Sorting/Freezing cause
in sperm

Its lifespan appears to be
vs Capacitation

$$$ depends on
market environment
fertility results
...California example
Adapted table
Sperm viability
(Rath and Johnson - 2009)
Time of ovulation after P4 device removal
(Neves and Baruselli - 2010)
AI to ovulation interval - synchronized AI
(Neves and Baruselli - 2010)
Science fiction in sperm technology...
Future technologies to produce sexed semen
CR by follicle size and semen type synchronized AI
(Sa filho, Neves and Baruselli - 2010)
CR by male or female sexed sperm
synchronized AI
(Souza and Baruselli - 2007)
Recommendations beef:
Adapted table - DeJarnette et al - 2010
Adapted table - DeJarnette et al - 2011
Good results in
well managed

Attention to
protocol, time of AI, AI-technician, and estrus behavior near timed AI

Use multiple sires...
due to high variation in fertility results particularly with sexed semen
Andersson et al., 2008
Souza and Baruselli et al., 2007
Use of sexed semen in dairy herds
(randomized studies - lactating cows)
But what farmers actually do in the field??
Macedo, Baruselli et al - 2013
Time of AI with sexed semen in relation to estrus
(Heatwatch system) in dairy heifers
Ayres and Baruselli - 2010
Semen type and time of AI (timed AI)
in dairy heifers - Crepaldi and Baruselli - 2010
Female calves born in 200 dairy herds in WI/2010
Souza, Shaver, and Wiltbank - in progress
Recommendations dairy herds:
AI with
SS in lactating cows
= playing with fire...

straws +
AI in
of uterus = OK

Good results in heifers both in
or following
timed AI
careful with
time of AI

Heifers showing
estrus signs near timed AI
have better fertility to SS

Evaluate feasibility
of SS before using it - usually limited to 1st/2nd AI in heifers
GnRH at the onset of estrus in dairy heifers
inseminated with sexed semen
(Sa Filho and Baruselli - 2010)
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