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Persuasive Speech


Brittany Sahutske

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Persuasive Speech

Cloning Persuasive Speech
By: Brittany Sahutske Thesis Statement: Preview of Main Points Background on cloning experiments
and expenses in the past: Diversity is what makes
the world so unique Cloning will make “man”
just another “man-made” being Cloning Past and Expenses Call to Action! Our DNA is 99.9% identical to all other members of the human race and if you were to line it all up, it would reach to the sun and back more than 600 times! 1.First I will give you a brief background on cloning experiments and expenses in the past.
2.Then, I will tell you why it is detrimental to genetic diversity.
3.Next, I will discuss cloning as a moral and ethical problem.
4.Finally, I will present my call to action. Experiments with animals show that the success rate of animal cloning is quite low because more than 90% of the efforts to produce a viable offspring in animals have failed Edgar and Nina Otto spent $155,000 in getting their beloved deceased dog, named Sir Lancelot, cloned after a sudden death from cancer Even twins develop separate personalities Cloning might be used to create a "perfect human" Visit http://www.foe.org/about/intro.html Cloning humans and animals poses a threat on society, creates economic expense, limits diversity and interferes with natural processes. Review of Main Points 1. First I told you about cloning and some of the first cloned animals.
2. Then I told you how cloning poses a threat to diversity.
3. Next I told you about the moral question it presents.
4. Finally I gave you information about pro-active call to actions. Cloning is still a very new idea,
and poses a question for all of mankind.
What kind of world,
do you want to live in, in the future?

Thank you.
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