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Mr. Stack

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Arunika

Sculptures by Arunika
What is a sculpture? A sculpture is simply a living form of art. There are many sculptures in the world, too many to count! But, there are some famous sculptures that really stand out. In this presentation I will be talking about a few famous sculptures.
"The Thinker" by Auguste Rodin
When it was made: 1880-1902

What is was made out of: Bronze and Marble

Why it was made: To represent the creative mind at work

Where is it: Musee Rodin, Paris
"The Little Dancer, of Fourteen Years" by Edgar Degas
When was it made: 1881

What was it made out of: yellow wax, and a wire frame

Why it was made: to change the way people viewed beauty

Where it is: Tate Liverpool
"Pieta" by Michelangelo
When was it made: about 1499

What it was made out of: Marble

Why it was made: To show the Virgin Mary holding Jesus at the time of his death

Where is it: Saint Peter's Basilica
Thanks for Watching!!



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