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Edgar Allan Poe

No description

Nicholas Redhouse

on 26 January 2014

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Transcript of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe
In 1809,
Edgar Allan Poe was born
on January 19, in Boston.

1 year old
Edgar's parents separate.
Elizabeth Poe takes the children.

2 years old
Edgar's mother, Elizabeth dies.
Mr. and Mrs. John Allan adopt
Edgar Poe.

14 years old
Edgar attends the academy of
William Burke,succeeds in athletics.

16 years old
John Allan inherits a fortune
when his uncle dies.

17 years old
Edgar attends the University of Virginia,
goes by "Edgar Poe".

18 years old
Poe drops out of school because John
Allan won't give him any money.
Poe writes and prints his first book,
"Tamerlane and other poems"
Poe can't support him self so he goes to the army to do that.
19 years old
Edgar Poe does well in the Army,
attains rank of sergeant major.

27 years old
Edgar Poe marries his cousin
Virginia in May. She is 13.
Ralph Waldo Emerson, 33, publishes
his first book, "Nature".

36 years old
Poe writes "The Raven".
Poe was working 14 hour days but
still couldn't make a living.

38 years old
Poe's wife, Virginia, dies from
on January 30.

Edgar Allan Poe dies on October 7,
In conclusion , Edgar Allan Poe was
one of the famous poets in the world.
Also had a troubling life to became
what is was back then, a famous poet.
Edgar Allan Poe
In 1809,
Edgar Allan Poe was born
on January 19, in Boston.

During his life he became one
of the most famous poets in the

In 1849,
Edgar Allan Poe dies on October 7,
1849 for unknown reasons.
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