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Copy of Build Your Ideas - Free Prezi Template

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Amir f

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Build Your Ideas - Free Prezi Template

Toshiba Medical Systems

Brain at work
and take them to new heights
Continuous #1 ratings in independent customer ­satisfaction surveys for diagnostic ultrasound
Overall objectives:

Establish & increased
our Market Share
Thank you for your time
Amir Fathejalali
Vision and goal:
Marketing & sales activity:

Academic Background
Biomedical Scientist

Karolinska University laboratory, Danderyd, Södersjukhuset and Solna
Biomedical Scientist+ Biochemist

Orion Diagnostica AB, Area Manager + Point of Care Diagnostics

BD Diagnostics - Preanalytical Systems, Area Manager
+ Nordic Clinical manager for Point of Care instrument

Hobbies & Personal Life
2 Beautiful kids (almost Teen)
Workout (almost everyday)
Car enthusiast
6-12 month in Toshiba
My vision and goal:

Structure of Toshiba

Expectation from management

Get to know colleagues
Product Portfolio:

Toshiba´s Product Portfolio (Ultrasound)

Position of our products in Market
My customers:

Understanding my clients

Mapping them
How will Ultrasound work in future

Simplified SWOT analysis

Set the short & long time goals

Divide resources
Thank you for time
Marketing & sales activity
Syns man inte, finns man inte
Work Experience in short
My competitors
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