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No description

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of KIROBO

What does it do?
Kirobo was made to communicate directly to the people on Earth from a space station.Kirobo talks ,jumps , walks.
Kirobo is used in outer space and has twelve flexable joints.
How it he taught to perform tasks.
Kirobo is programmed to perform different tasks.
What sensors does it have and does it use them?
Kirobo talks to people,and hears people talk.
You can communicate with Earth faster.
What impact has it had?
Kirobo has made it easier to talk to people on Earth he also comforts the crew on the space station.
Where is it used and how many flexible joints does it have?
Kirobo can only speak japanese.
What jobs does it create?
Programers ,and Robotic technician.
How can it change for the better?
I think we should program it to speak all languages so it can talk to all the astronauts.
Is is multifunctional?
Yes he talks to people on Earth ,and talks to people on the space station.
By Rena Toon,
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